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Presenting at Many Gods West 2016 (Olympia, WA, USA)

Won’t be making it this year, either, but I really wish we were! If you’re thinking about attending: do it! And then go and listen to Silence present.

The Road, the Walker, and What Comes Next

Now that the programming lineup has been made public, I can happily announce that my proposal to Many Gods West 2016 was accepted. I’ll be presenting “Loving God, Becoming God: Three Tales of Apotheosis” in Olympia, WA, on the first weekend of August. I had the pleasure of presenting last year at the first MGW conference and I’m honored to be extended the opportunity to share some material that’s very meaningful to me.

“Loving God, Becoming God” will focus on the lives of Akka Mahadevi, Sri Andal, and Mirabai, three Hindu women poet-saints, and the stories told about them. Are these stories technically apotheosis narratives and if so, what does that suggest about the nature of the divine? Can modern non-Hindu devotees approach these stories with a view towards the innate human dignity of these three women and affirm their spiritual trajectories? If we can, what implications does our affirmation hold for…

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