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Who am I? I’m Jo (sometimes Naiadis, sometimes Bluedolfyn, sometimes just Jo), a thirty-something year old polytheist living in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest of the US. I’m a writer, and I’m Poseidon’s. Short version, eh? For the longer version see my post Why Poseidon. I share house with my partner Beth, our critters, and our family, incarnate, dis-incarnate, and never-carnate. We are not speciesists, to be sure.

What am I? Well, like I said, I’m a polytheist, and I’m Poseidon’s. I also belong to Odin. I practice Reiki and yoga. I believe the gods are real and interested in people and in not being forgotten. I lean more toward hard polytheism, although, you know, they’re gods and spirits and I don’t know that hard boundaries will ever sit well on them, so mostly I focus on how things make sense for me and leave others to find sense as they will. Poseidon’s been in my life since I was sixteen, and I gave Him marriage vows in 2003. Yes, I’m one of those people.

Originally, this blog was going to be about Poseidon, all the time, because, well, frankly, He deserves the press. Except, I don’t have those sorts of boundaries in my real life — devotee-me, writer-me, at-the-mundane-job me, wife-me, friend-me — and they don’t come easily to me. My being Poseidon’s goes into my being Odin’s goes into my being a writer goes into my healing work goes into my being a mystic goes into. . . well, you get the idea.

What can you find on this blog? A decent amount of navel-gazing. It isn’t easy, in our culture, to have a calling for a semi-secluded lifestyle to live a somewhat contemplative, monastic sort of life — it’s harder still if one’s called that way by pagan gods, and even more still if one holds life-oaths to two different beings from two different cultures. (There are those boundaries again, and these, at least, are highly arbitrary when it comes to the gods.) I live across the country from the family I grew up with, living a lifestyle they don’t understand, and you’ll hear a bit about that on the blog, too. Ideally, I want to share my love and devotion of my gods, my festivals for Poseidon, and various other bits to like minded people who might gain something from my out-loud navel gazing and near two decades experience with gods in my daily life.

Also, I want people to read my fiction!

you can find my book The Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte and Other Tales available for Kindle and also in paperback.

Treasures from the Deep is currently only available in paperback — this is something I’m working on, as well, but my surviving files are only PDF, so getting that back to a basic format and then formatting it is . . . ugh. I’m hoping to have some breathing room after this year’s NaNo to tackle that project.

You can also find my story “The Last Goddess” in The Shining Cities”, as well as my story “A Wind Swept Tree” in Beyond the Pillars.

You can read Sanctuary Farm; Hieros Gamos; The Bone Boy; Artemis Iokheira; Seeking for free over at Eternal Haunted Summer (and while you’re there, check out the rest of that magazine!), as well as Promised available over at my writing blog, also for free.

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  1. Beth says:

    Yayyy!!! I hope you’ll be posting more now that the blog is going to be less strictly defined; I need more great stuff to read! 🙂

  2. Darkamber says:

    Are you married both to Poseidon and Odin?

    1. naiadis says:

      Oh my gods, no. No. Oh, so very much no. Just Poseidon. Please, save me from two husbands! *runs screaming*

      Joking aside, no, my relationship with Odin is very much a father-daughter bond.

    1. naiadis says:

      I have! It was very awesome to stumble upon that. Thanks for sharing it, though!

  3. fieldstones says:

    I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award (there are questions attached, hope that’s okay, not sure of the etiquette on these things); the link’s at, but please, no pressure. Just mentioning it.

  4. Brenna Adaira says:

    Hello! If you’re interested in participating, I have nominated you for some blogging awards:

  5. I ran across this review today at work, thought you might be interested if you haven’t already seen it: Happy New Year!

    1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

      Oh! I’d come across this a while back, and thought, “meh, I can’t see the exhibit it’s a part of, so meh!” but being reminded of it makes me think, you know, I may indeed need to get this. Thank you for sharing the review.

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