Hi, and Welcome!

I’m a [mostly] indie-published author who favors writing short stories and novellas to novels. My preferred tales to write (and read) include human and non-human characters, the blending of the magical with the mundane, first contact, and the ever-important theme of finding home. Everyone should have a place to belong, to be accepted, and loved . . . even if they’re not like you, or me.

I have a number of stories and novellas published, some non-fiction, and more  always in the works. I have a Patreon page; if you want to get first look at various things, consider becoming a patron.

I blog a lot about my spiritual practice, exploration, navel-gazing, and angsting. I stumble, and I make a mess of things, and so, too, can They, and I share that with you, because I’m selfish, and writing and sharing helps me to process and release my fears.

On my blog, you’ll find me writing about my spiritual practice, my devotional life, my creative process and the ups and downs of being an indie author. I write a lot about my family, as well as about my mental health journey, because we’re taught to not talk about these things, and I especially have a hard time talking about those sorts of things, and I’ll be damned if I’m shamed into anything, damn it. ;-p

I’m a New England transplant currently living in the Pacific Northwest of the US with my wife, a small army of quadrupeds, and more spinning wheels than is strictly healthy. When I’m not writing, I’m reading, knitting, puttering around  with craft projects, snuggling with walking all over creation with my dog (gods can that girl walk) or being lorded about by my cats.





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  1. Oh my gods, no. No. Oh, so very much no. Just Poseidon. Please, save me from two husbands! *runs screaming*

    Joking aside, no, my relationship with Odin is very much a father-daughter bond.

  2. Oh! I’d come across this a while back, and thought, “meh, I can’t see the exhibit it’s a part of, so meh!” but being reminded of it makes me think, you know, I may indeed need to get this. Thank you for sharing the review.

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