Story Subscription/Patreon

I’ve been running my Story Subscription since 2014: new fiction delivered to your in box once a month. The subscription is currently $3 a month, and for that you will get material not yet released to the public, no less that 2000 words, every month. I try to send these out during the first week of each month, but I don’t always succeed. For 2018 I’m moving toward shorter fiction rather than the novellas I’ve been favoring. If you’re interested, you can either become a Patron, or use Paypal to sign up. You can pay per month, or pay for however many months in advance you want to sign up for.

3 thoughts on “Story Subscription/Patreon

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  2. Would you consider adding a Paypal donate button to your blog here for those of us who don’t feel comfortable pledging in an ongoing way via Patreon? I am self-employed so my income changes too drastically from month to month to be a Patreon supporter without dropping out right and left.

    • I would! I didn’t mean to actually take them all away; I thought I left one up on this page at least. I need to have a moment to get the link worked out. In the meantime: thank you, and my paypal is bluedolfyn at yahoo dot com.

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