Ways You Can Support My Writing!

  1. Talk that shit up. If you’ve read something of mine, fiction or non, that’s helped you, or moved you, or simply made your day a tiny bit better, tell people. Point them in this direction, or to my Amazon.com page. Also:
  2. Tell me. Seriously. Especially with the fiction, writing is a lonely process that often feels like I’m simply telling stories at myself. I know I enjoy them, but I want other people to, and there’s very few things that boost that confidence than, “I really enjoyed X.”
  3. If you feel so inclined, leave a review somewhere. On Amazon, on your social media, GoodReads, I don’t care. Something I need to remind myself, as a reader too, is that we don’t need to leave grade-worthy book report style reviews. One or two lines is enough. On sites like Amazon this boosts visibility, too, but leaving a ranking or a review feeds into point 2, as well.
  4. Cold. Hard. Cash. It’s crass to talk about money? At the same time, money is what keeps food on my table, medicine in the cabinet, and a roof over my family’s heads. You can purchase the majority of my published through Amazon.com. If you need a file type other than .mobi, or if you’d rather support me directly, or if you’re interested in reading any of them but cannot justify the expense, email me and let’s talk. Promise me a review, and the file is yours. Yeah, even if you then don’t follow through with the review.
  5. Want to support my future works, get to see them before the public, and take a look into the process while you’re at it? Consider supporting my Patreon.


3 thoughts on “Ways You Can Support My Writing!

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  2. Would you consider adding a Paypal donate button to your blog here for those of us who don’t feel comfortable pledging in an ongoing way via Patreon? I am self-employed so my income changes too drastically from month to month to be a Patreon supporter without dropping out right and left.

    • I would! I didn’t mean to actually take them all away; I thought I left one up on this page at least. I need to have a moment to get the link worked out. In the meantime: thank you, and my paypal is bluedolfyn at yahoo dot com.

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