I’m Writing a Novel. You can help!

The story subscription is being put on hold for the foreseeable future. What am I offering now?

You get to come with me as I work out my novel-writing-muscles. I have a number of stand-alone books planned in what looks to be a related world. I will be releasing these under a pen name still TBD in an effort to give some cohesion to my material. Branding. Dare I say the dreaded b word? At this point, though, if you look for my name online, you see an assortment of different types of writing, and I’d like this to be a bit more, well, cohesive. And so, I’m giving that a go.  (I’m waffling around that. On the one hand, yes. On the other hand, how can I really get better branding than having a given name that is, thus far, without a known name twin? The closest I have to one has a slightly different last name)(I’m a Libra. I’ll go back and forth on the pros and cons probably until release day)

The first book in the series is Captured by the Kelpie. Set in a fictional bit of the Scotland highlands, we meet Ashlyn, an American artist on sabbatical as she tries to lay the ghost of her sister to rest. We meet Greig, one of the kelpies to have developed a genuine fondness for the humans of ‘his’ village, in an area where the kelpies meet regularly to dispatch justice, exchange news, and spend time among their own kind. Thrown together by a mystery, shared loss, and mutual growing attraction — not to mention meddling villagers — Ashlyn and Greig discover they have more in common than they could have imagined. Will secrets bring them closer, or drive them apart?

With my wife’s help, I’ve set up an actual plan, complete with a timeline, deadlines, and schedule that takes into account things like days off, working a full time day job, and having interests outside of just writing. Which is where I’ve failed before, and has been how I keep shooting myself in the metaphorical foot. Five hundred words a day, five days a week, twenty-two days a month. I’m projected to have the first draft done by the beginning of April. I’m already ahead of where I should be. I’m enjoying writing so much. It’s awful, this first draft, but it’s happening.

There will be one tier: $5 a month gains you access to any and all sneak peeks, behind the scenes stuff, progress reports, rough excerpts, whatever else I happen to be working on, and a copy of the ebooks before they go live. I want to offer chapters as I go along, but I’m not holding myself to having anything reader-ready until after the winter, though if you, my supporters, have any ideas about that, I’m happy to hear them. WHile I understand that you’re supporting me to support me, and not necessarily to Get the Thing . . well, getting the Thing is nice, too.

I am so very excited about this project, and I hope you are, too! If you’re interested, you can support me either via my Patreon or through PayPal.

3 thoughts on “I’m Writing a Novel. You can help!

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  2. Would you consider adding a Paypal donate button to your blog here for those of us who don’t feel comfortable pledging in an ongoing way via Patreon? I am self-employed so my income changes too drastically from month to month to be a Patreon supporter without dropping out right and left.

    • I would! I didn’t mean to actually take them all away; I thought I left one up on this page at least. I need to have a moment to get the link worked out. In the meantime: thank you, and my paypal is bluedolfyn at yahoo dot com.

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