Listen. He tips his head in the direction of the window, indicating outside yet somehow making it clear that he really means, listen inward. I pause, when what I want to do is continue on in the manner I had been going, because that’s . . . what? The habit? But, no. Pause, and listen, … Continue reading Listen

A Name Change

I've attempted this before, way back when my spiritual practice with Poseidon went on its sabbatical. I came back to Strip Me Back to the Bone, because it felt the most like "me/my space" than anything else I came up with. And, I still love the phrase, and the imagery it invokes. I love its … Continue reading A Name Change

So, Neech died.

Neech died. This isn’t Ode to Neech — that’s coming, really, but I want to get pictures to go along with it, and looking at the pictures right now is that sort of painful that I just can’t bare to share yet. I’m here asking for help in offsetting the cost of the emergency vet … Continue reading So, Neech died.