When Worlds Collide Final Installment, and info about the new story.

The last section of When Worlds Collide is in the hands of my editor, and will be coming back for final fixes today. *rubs hands gleefully*. I’m super excited about this novella, and I’m grateful for all the positive feedback I’ve been getting.

There will be two other stories in this series, and the first installment in the second will be going out in July. I’m taking a break to bang out a stand alone short that will not get out of my head any other way. The new story is currently without a title, alas, but I’m a quarter of the way into it after just two days, and loving it so very much. She’s a swamp  witch, you see, and something of an outcast, so it’s not very surprising that she winds up with a greenman for a husband. What happens when he gets a yearning to explore his roots, when he decides to seek out family he doesn’t even know? Will she still have a place at his side? Will they accept her, human as she is? Will they even accept him?

In July I’ll be returning to Loki’s children, and we’ll take a look to see how Mundi is dealing with this chaos his brother brings to their lives . . .

If you’re interesting in getting the previous four installments, please contact me at jolenedawe at gmail dot com. Each installment is $10. For more information, please see my subscription page. You can also opt in via paypal, on the button in my sidebar.


Because I don’t have time to do a real post, but it’s ocean! And pretty! And awesome.

My dear friend Diane is always so good to cart my butt around to oceany places. It was pretty spectacular.

Yes, the waves got frisky. No, I did not stay dry. Yes, it was cold.


Beavertail — life clings!




Somewhere along Newport


Moar Beavertail



20160416_130759 (2)



So, I did not intend to drop off the face of the planet for a whole month like that. Sorry!

Trip back east went very well — got pictures to share at some point when I have time to sit down and do so. We’ve got houseguests coming in a few days, and have been getting the house company-ready. Beth and I are neither all that house-make-y; we’d much rather be working on our projects, and the end result has been that our home has looked more or less half-moved in since we moved in. We finally decided to buy a futon, and spent half a day assembling it, marking the very last time we’ll assemble furniture without a screw driver bit for her Dremmel. We also spent most of the time laughing, instead of fighting, thanks to Jolene being happily medicated, so that was a nice change. (Laughing, bitching, and making immature jokes over our noises of exertion. Yeah. We’re 12. What?)


Corbie was helpful beyond measure. And he only got more helpful after this photo was taken. It was super exciting.He paced around us the whole time. The whole time. He was super knackered the next day.

So, busy around the house, working over time at the job, and getting the WIP wrapped up — I haven’t been online much at all. That’ll go back to normal once May is over with, but likely not before than.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Announcing the Virtual Temple Project

So . . . this is an extremely exciting project, and pretty much all the excuse I need to get my outdoor Poseidon shrine in order this year.

The Road, the Walker, and What Comes Next

I am happy – and nervous and exhausted and intimidated – to announce the launch of a new project that’s very dear to my heart. The Virtual Temple Project is a multimedia endeavor that brings polytheist and pagan worship spaces to people everywhere with the help of video technology. Even though the number of publicly accessible worship spaces are  growing, access is limited by many factors. However, we have beautiful and meaningful worship spaces inside our homes. We have the skills to create altars, shrines, and temples to our beloved gods. Designing a space specifically intended for public viewing and then recording it and sharing it online will make meaningful spiritual engagement accessible to anyone with an Internet-enabled device.

There were many, many motivating factors behind the development of this project but the needs of my fellow spoonies were perhaps first in my mind. Sometimes simply getting up and going…

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Depression and Anxiety: a video

Because talking about it still makes me want to vomit, and you know what? Fuck that. Depression and anxiety is something that my immediate blood kin all deal with (or don’t deal with). I am not suicidal — 98% of the time. I’ve been suicidal, to the point of planning to plan suicide, maybe three times in my life, maybe four. Not a lot. But two of those times have been in the last two years, and that’s not a trend I’m comfortable with.

No one deserves to die because the thoughts in their heads convince them  that it doesn’t make a difference, or worse, that it’ll be better for everyone.

I may make more of these, because I really, really don’t want to. Not wanting to talk about this to people for most of my life has meant I haven’t really dealt with it well at all. So, you know. Maybe it’s time to just do it,  even if it’s terrifying. I don’t want to go and talk to a doctor about this? Okay. Time to talk to *everyone* instead.

Tea for Durga!


During my morning devotionals a few weeks back, Durga opined that She’d also like some tea, thank you, but tea of Her own, not to share, would be appreciated. I commissioned a tea made for Her from Mia over at The Forest Witch, and she came up with this blend for Durga. It is beautiful, and it smells amazing. I haven’t had any yet, because it’s primarily for Durga (and I’m a bit meh about green tea myself)

Beth has an appointment today, and I found myself with the house to myself*, so I decided I would have a somewhat fancier offering-giving bit at the shrine (read: would see how I felt about incorporating bells into my worship). I am awkward and stumbling in the face of more formal ritual in my own home with People I don’t know super well ,but Who are kind and generous and sweet.

Spoken praise, incense, tea, and gratitude.


There’s a scarf that She’s expressed appreciation for, at one of our local stores. Once there’s money for it, I’ll be bringing it home for a new shrine cover.

Durga is kind. Truly. The bell ringing was quite nice, though there is a feeling of attention being redirected that was a bit unexpected and powerful. Her shrine is lower down than Poseidon’s, so it requires kneeling at, and I rather like that. Juggling the offerings and the bell was interesting, and I may need to figure out something else when presenting  more than one item at a time, because  I can’t exactly set them down on the floor  to wait.  There  is a need to choreograph that I am beginning to appreciate. She is kind, and patient, and accommodating.


*one is never really alone in our house.

So, there’s this local shrine?

No, no. There is. That’s not a question. There are, from what I can tell, a small number  Hindu groups is my immediate area (though possibly with overlap?). The first is a satellite site of a larger group, and the other one that I’ve found is a connected shrine, the Sri Mookambika-Mahadeva Shrine. The shrine is set up in the backyard of some devotees, and it’s all fancy and pretty and impressive looking, and the daily devotions are taken care of by volunteers.

They have a FB page, and I’ve started stalking them. It’s, alas, not  a very active FB page. (and this is my problem with all the groups I’ve found thus far: a lack of web presence that would be helpful to socially anxious introverts. For shame!😉 ) That the central deities of this shrine are Mookambika (a goddess, from what I can tell — the story I found call her the goddess of speech — which is part of how She defeated Mookasura) and Mahadeva ( which, according to the story, would render Him Shiva)  and, too, Ganesha (because, Ganesha!) . . . and I want to visit it. I want to visit so badly. In the way that makes me want to cry and hide and be ill.

I found photos online, of past festivals, and the group  of worshipers is small, far too small of a crowd to hide in, and worse, I recognize like half of the people as customers at my day job, so hiding cannot happen.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this, exactly.

Except, I know already that I want to host a public shrine for Poseidon. Have wanted to for ages. Need to stop pretending I don’t.

And now, more tea.

Devotions began again!

Feeling like death warmed over has finally abated enough that I don’t feel gross sitting at the shrine. Not that Poseidon cares, except for the whole being upright has been a swaying, surreal sort of experience, and healing is better served in bed, but Durga was very much of the “not visiting again until you are well,” which was both stern and sweet at the same time.

At some point, and soon, I’m going to incorporate actual prayers, I think. I keep considering traditional prayers, and I keep feeling not quite right about that. So, I may just off the cuff it, and I may just recite English versions of traditional prayers, I don’t know. It’s not yet. I’m still getting myself into a place of being comfortable with this development. (I’m comfortable and also not. I’m comfortable because She is gracious and kind, but I’m a bit not, because Her presence is still so new) So, at some point, and soon, but not yet.

I feel better, so much better, for having had my devotions again this morning. Wee!