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Awesome book review, awesome website, awesome graphic — horn tootin’ time!

Yeah, that’s a bit tongue in cheek. One of the valuable things I gained from involvement with the heathen community years ago, was the practice of boasting. It’s uncomfortable, because it still makes me feel a bit like I’m all look at me look at me, and I’m so very not, but it’s also important, because, hey, when we accomplish things, even small things, that we are proud of, we should celebrate it.

I discovered an awesome write up about Poseidon of the Ponds at The Weeping Crow, and I’ll admit I’m still a bit giddy over it. I realize it’s generally considered bad from for an author to comment directly to a review, but I do want to thank Weeping Crow for such a great write up. The fact that someone is writing something like this about something I wrote is  a bit . . . . weird to me. Of course, just reading the part describing me as a 20-year dedicant to Poseidon throws me off. On the one hand, it’s not wrong. (Well, sort of? I’ve been involved with Him for 20 years, as of this year, but I didn’t officially dedicate myself to Him right away. Although, really that was just a formality.)

On the other hand, how the hell is that possible already???

My Polytheism continues to grow, as does the Facebook group. More voices are added, some conversations are happening, and I’ve got the promise of more material coming in the next few weeks.  I’ve had a number of friends requests since the page went up, more since the site was mentioned in Gods & Radicals, and it feels . . . good. It feels hopeful. It feels like the effective counter to my slight pagan burnout that I’ve been trying to deal with for the last however many months.

And then? Then there’s this.


I’m not going to link to what this is reference to. I am going to say: if you like it and you want it, use it. It’s mine, I made it, you have my permission.

People keep talk about inclusion like it’s a bad thing.

Inclusion is a powerful thing.

Diversity makes you stronger.

Homogeny is a bad thing. Look at  our favorite bananas.

Inclusion good. Diversity good. Homogeny bad.

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