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Coming to Compassion (Pagan Experience Project Feb. week 4; C is for…)

Reblogging this because: 1) If you don’t already read Silence’s blog, what’s wrong with you? 2) The topic of compassion is always a fascinating read, and the stories of how people come to it (and also the ‘surprise!’ moment of realizing that’s a huge, huge part of one walking the world makes me feel less alone) are always worth looking at.

The Road, the Walker, and What Comes Next

If you had told me many years ago that compassion would become a central part of my religious life, I might not have believed you. This was not a concept strongly present in any of the traditions that provided a foundation for my spiritual life; nor was it really central to any of the traditions I found myself exploring as my spiritual life unfolded.

I came to compassion like many other people do – as a direct result of profound personal suffering. This is perhaps the first thing to understand about compassion; it’s not a concept that others can tell you is valuable. You have to come to this realization on your own, through direct experience of the constellate emotions that reveal its boundary.

My spiritual life has been endlessly rich and possessed of intense, profound value. It has also been the source of a degree of suffering I didn’t…

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