General Life

More brain-dump.

Current worries include:

Health shit. There’s some snafu going on with getting us scheduled in with a new doctor and getting refills on various Rxs. I’ll be problem solving once they open, as the snafu has only just today become apparent. It will be fine in the sense that none of our medications are necessary for daily survival in any immediate sense, though if we don’t get it squared away before we run out, life will get . . . interesting. And exhausting. We’ll get it sorted.

Financial shit. We’ll be playing catch-up through the spring. It will be fine, especially if none of the four-legged ones have any health emergencies *stern, pointed look toward the four-legged ones*

Family shit. I love my family, every layer of it. That said, socializing is hard, and I’m not 100% sure that us having been isolated for so long was a great thing. I mean, yes? in that I know myself and my limits so well, but the social muscles have atrophied. Being able to socialize and then go home is awesome. Socializing hundreds of miles from the sanctuary of home is hard. I loved the time spending with the step-daughter, her husband, and the grandbaby; we don’t see them enough for all that we see them more than we used to. Wouldn’t trade it, always want to stay longer once it’s time to leave, but there is something wonderfully magical about coming home to the sights and sounds and scents that soothe me. (Am I the only one who makes sure that the sheets on the bed, and the towels in the bathroom are slightly used before we leave, so that we come home to our smells, and not freshly laundered stuff?)

Migraine shit. That’s it. Migraines are shit.

There’s good, too, though. Family. I love family. I love getting to see people, and I want to see people more, but for a number of them that ties into the financial shit. And also, the joys of working third shift. I have projects I’m toying with for the coming year: introducing an active reading practice, and possibly talking about it/sharing it. Dunno. Got an idea for a knitting vlog. Have plans in place to actually start sewing projects. Getting comfortable that none of the plans that excite me involve writing fiction. I just . . . I want to put my energy and time into other things. I’ve been doing the writing, even if I’ve been doing it poorly, for so very long.

This has been therapy for myself, and completely self-indulgent, and that’s totally acceptable. Hello, and welcome to my diary.

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