This is not surrender.

[TL;DR: I'm retiring the name Poseidon in association with my Beloved. I'm retiring names entirely. Wanting to be respectful to traditions and cultures that are tied to Poseidon, and to other Named Beings is only part of the reason, and if I'm being honest, a small part of the reason. Mostly, it's getting in my … Continue reading This is not surrender.


A Love Letter

I miss you. I know I begged you to take me deeper into your mysteries. I can’t, and won’t, fault you for doing as I asked. I’m not sorry at the things I’ve discovered, about you, about myself, about us. I know that my missing you is as much my own doing as yours  — … Continue reading A Love Letter

I miss You.

I stand before the shrine, the house quiet around me. The cold clings to be from an hour spent outside in near-freezing temperatures, waiting for a cab to bring me home. The house is asleep -- the cats doze on the couch, Corbie is tucked into bed with Beth. A half day on the job … Continue reading I miss You.