Hey, look. A video, about Poseidon.

Well, about me and my ego and my attachment to being ‘Poseidon’s’, and the fun with Names, and pigeon-holing Powers, and, you know. Stuff.

No big.


7 thoughts on “Hey, look. A video, about Poseidon.

  1. All the love in the world to you, Jo. These kinds of emotions are hard enough to feel, without putting them out there for others to see. ❤

  2. ❤ I have had these same experiences with the Sneaky Ego and the difficulty in surrender, and I totally understand how you feel. I agree, it's hard enough to experience these emotions without talking about it in front of others.

      • It’s slippery and subtle…like you think you’ve conquered it, and then you realize there’s another layer, or a sliver of ego hidden in a crevice of your mind you hadn’t noticed before. I do wonder if I’ll ever be rid of it. A few months ago I asked my Mother and She seemed to say that it was going to be the last part of my ego to ever die and to just accept that I had it, and that the more I loved myself unconditionally, the more it would die off, but until then I could just be okay with the fact that I had it. That was weirdly liberating. “Yes I have a sneaky ego and some spiritual pride, now I’m going to just bake some cupcakes kthxbai.”

        • Being aware of it is an all important step; can’t do anything else first. By and large I’m ok with that, but this one was hard, until it wasn’t. Now the hard part is owning up to it.

          . . . And now I want cupcakes.

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