Holding things in, Letting them out.

shameless plug: Patreon supporters gain access to my blog posts before the rest of the world does. There's some other perks you might want to check out, too.   I have a habit of holding things inside. You might not guess that, based on how transparent I strive to be with what I share here. … Continue reading Holding things in, Letting them out.


Well Hello, Beloved.

Funny thing happened. I decided that I would mark Matsya’s birthday this coming March. Why Matsya’s birthday? As I touched upon in my last post, partially as a sign of getting over myself already. It’s been over two years since “Hey, maybe also Vishnu?” was dropped on me, and while I’ve converted the shrine I’ve … Continue reading Well Hello, Beloved.


It's not exactly how it's going to look, for the Vigil, but near enough. I knew there was going to be a size difference , and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that. That said, I rather like this Vishnu. I love to colors, I love the imagery.  I'm not 100% sure how the … Continue reading Ta-da!!