Happy Patreoniversary!! (okay, not yet, but soon!)

August marks my 1 year Patreoniversary! When I began my story subscription back in 2013, I knew that some of my friends and long-time readers would support the project. Either they liked my writing, or they liked me, or they felt badly that I was facing dental surgery with no real way to cover the cost, or all of the above. I knew they’d support the project because I ran it by them and they said yes, they’d support it. When the first person suggested I take it to Patreon, I decided I’d look into it, and then I didn’t touch it again for over a year.

Since I launched my Patreon page, I’ve gained some additional supporters, and I’m extremely grateful for all of you. You support my writing by allowing me some breathing room when it comes to getting bills paid — without this, a second job would have been necessary long before now, and that would have killed any writing time I’d hope to have. Am I greedy? Do I want more support so I can write more, so that I can put more time into editing than I manage now, so that I can learn skills to design better covers and/or be able to afford to support artists to create covers for me? Yes! I am greedy. I do want these things!

More than anything, though, I want to have more time to write, to create, and enough to also give back. I’ve been touched beyond words to be a part of this giving exchange, and I’m inspired to do more, and create more, and share more.

I want to present things that are finished and polished and professional, but you know what? That goal is not one that’s being true to who I am, and how I am. Yes, obviously, when it comes to the stories, the finished written projects, I want those as polished as I can make them. But I also want to share this process with you, and I can’t do that while making it professional and polished and finished. This is messy. It’s complicated, and it’s an adventure, and it’s all over the place. I’m learning so much about who I am as a writer, and I want to share that, too. I’m not polished. I don’t have my shit together. I’m not interested in pretending that I do.

Going forward, I’m going to share more. It’s selfish, because I know I do my best when I’m being vulnerable and terrified in the sharing. It’s also not selfish, because I know I give my best when I’m in that space, as well.

TL;DR: things are changing, and I hope for the better!

Gushing and gratitude aside (as if it could ever be aside!), what is changing? Well, I’m glad you asked!

A brief run down of what’s changing. While I am grateful, and will continue to be grateful, (have I mentioned that I’m grateful yet? Because, I want to be clear that I’m grateful!) for the support of my patrons, in my first year on Patreon, I’ve seen that most of the proposed rewards for pledges have not been taken advantage of — which can only mean that they’re not rewards people are interested in. I know we’re supposed to be all altruistic, and support the creators that we choose to support because we believe in their creation/talent/passion/what have you, but I also know that what I’ll get as a reward does enter my decision-making when it comes to who and what I want to support. It’s not the most important part, no, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a factor. I want the rewards I have to appeal to my patrons — so feed back, suggestions, and encouragement are welcome! In the meantime, let’s take a look at what Rewards v2.0 entails:

Everyone who makes any sort of a pledge at all will gain access to exclusive content on my feed. For those already pledging, you know that that’s an underwhelming promise. To date, my feed has been pretty dismal. I haven’t managed to find time to create new work, work at the day job, and pay attention to my Patreon feed, and I’m sorry about that. I’m committed to being more mindful of this going forward. I’m going to be scaling my sneak peeks that I post publicly way back, and making an effort to have my patrons and subscribers get the first looks at all new material — even the teasers. To that end: pledges of $1 or more will receive sneak peeks, some behind the scene access, random thinking and plotting ‘out loud’, and other ‘shop’ related blather, as I feel inspired to share. That’s neat, right? But wait, because there’s more.

All supporters will also gain access to my new adventure: Kitten, Witchin’. This is going to be an as-sections-are-available story and (bad!) art, as I stretch my drawing muscles and explore a new (to me!) way of telling story. Originally, when I got this idea, it was going to be a higher pledge reward, but 1) I don’t want to pressure myself to release before I’m ready and 2) the art is going to be bad. I basically don’t draw. I can make shapes look vaguely like they should. I can draw a cat, and you can tell it’s supposed to be a cat, but I want to get better. I want to get better because there are images in my head that I need to get out into the world, that other people aren’t going to want to do. (Read: all the Poseidon images. All of them. So many.) (read also: cats, and Corbie!) The world at large will be gaining a sneak peek and teaser of what I’m talking about, and you’ll learn more about this particular story before it goes live. Two words in the mean time. Witch. Cats. Yeah. I thought you’d be interested.

The $10 pledge reward remains the same: access to the above, and also to my story subscription. A new installment sent to your inbox each month consisting of 4k words or more (that’s roughly nine pages) of new material. My stories run to novella length, so it’s generally 5-7 months to complete a story, though I have done single installment stories before, and I want to again, once the When the Worlds Collide series is finished. If you’re interested in subscribing, but don’t want to start in the middle of a story, don’t worry! Why would I make you do that? We’re only two installments into the When Worlds Collide II; contact me, and we can work something out. Also, the first in this series, When Worlds Collide I  is available for purchase at Amazon, for $0.99, though if you contact me after you’ve subscribed and let me know you haven’t read the first one yet, I’ll be happy to email you a copy of the file. (for that matter, if you’re interested, but buying anything at all is out of your price range atm, contact me! Review copies are available.)

The $15 pledge reward is changing, mostly because no one has taken me up on the old rewards — which is fine, but also, I want you to be getting something more for your generosity than just nothing! Now, a $15 pledge will grant you access to all of the above, as well as to material I’m releasing for my The Poseidon Liturgical Year Project: small ebooks released over the course of the year detailing the holy days I observe for and with Poseidon. This includes the already released Vigil for the Bulls.

The $25 pledge reward grants you all of the aforementioned rewards, and access to exclusive videos. What are these videos? I don’t know yet! I’m thinking: tours of places that inspire some of the stories I’m writing, virtual book readings, answers to questions people might ask about my work, etc. I’m also planning on trying my hand at audiobook making, of my own books/stories/the subscription, so if that becomes a thing, the $25 pledge will also grant you access to audio versions of the installments as well.

Those are the biggest changes. I’m eyeballing the higher rewards but right now I have no idea what I might be able to offer, which is fine, because I’m not at a point where people seem interested in those anyway. Plus: let’s be real here, yes? We all know that Kitten, Witchin’, is holding all my interest at the moment. Pledge a dollar! Pledge five! Don’t miss out on the kitten’s witchy adventures!

Oh, you want a sneak peak right now? Well, I suppose that’s acceptable.


Hey, I said it was *bad* art.



Okay, look. I lied. Also, Camp NaNoWriMo!

In my last post, I mentioned that I’d be offering a stand-alone story for June’s installment. I like the idea of stand alone stories to allow you, my supporters, a chance to be free of prolonged suspense, to allow you a chance of a smaller time commitment, and also, to remind myself that that I can, indeed, writer even shorter fiction. There’s something extremely satisfying about starting and finishing a story quickly.

I love the story I’ve started — it’s actually a story I’ve wanted to write for a while, and I made good progress on it. And then we had house  guests and I couldn’t write for a week, and it was okay, because I’d planned for that, and I was still going to meet all my deadlines, even while working over time at the day job, and it was going to be fine.

Except, while I waited to get back to that story, Mundi (who is not a huge fan of that nickname) and Fen both became eager for me to finish their story. And, really, I’m not a hard sell, because it’s a more exciting story, with more chances for my favorite themes: first contact and finding home. It centers around gods I love and spirits I adore, even if they’re fictionalized. Part of learning how I am as a writer has been learning to go with the story that is the most interesting to me at any particular time — and it’s this one.

So, June’s installment will pick up where May’s installment left off, sort of. We leave Hest and Meliah behind, to follow Jormungandr. Furious beyond reason at the attack on his brother, unable to vent his frustration on his enemy, and banished from his brother’s side, Jormungandr is confined to Midgard until Loki decides otherwise. He seeks aid from a woman who just about runs him down with her car, and discovers a secret Tyr has managed to keep hidden from them all.

Sophie doesn’t know what to make of the man who fell in front of her car from out of thin air, and she certainly does not like the look of him. Bloodied, and battered, and foreboding, there’s something about him that encourages her to trust him. Or maybe she just needs a distraction from the increasing isolation she’s feeling as her family life implodes around her.
This is the first time I’ve done a series via the subscription plan. My plan is always to eventually release the stories, like I did with Igraine’s Flight (only with an editor seeing it first, yikes) but I’m not there with When Worlds Collide yet. So! If you’re interested in opting in, but you didn’t opt in for the first story, contact me (jolenedawe@gmail.com)  and something can be arranged. In fact, if you’re interested in any of my published work, please contact me, and something can be arranged. Seriously. Word of mouth. It matters.

In other, related news: Camp NaNoWriMo is happening in July, and I am signed up! My word count goal is 25k, though unofficially I’m really aiming for 30k. July seems more friendly to challenges than November does, so I’m curious to see how it goes.





When Worlds Collide Final Installment, and info about the new story.

The last section of When Worlds Collide is in the hands of my editor, and will be coming back for final fixes today. *rubs hands gleefully*. I’m super excited about this novella, and I’m grateful for all the positive feedback I’ve been getting.

There will be two other stories in this series, and the first installment in the second will be going out in July. I’m taking a break to bang out a stand alone short that will not get out of my head any other way. The new story is currently without a title, alas, but I’m a quarter of the way into it after just two days, and loving it so very much. She’s a swamp  witch, you see, and something of an outcast, so it’s not very surprising that she winds up with a greenman for a husband. What happens when he gets a yearning to explore his roots, when he decides to seek out family he doesn’t even know? Will she still have a place at his side? Will they accept her, human as she is? Will they even accept him?

In July I’ll be returning to Loki’s children, and we’ll take a look to see how Mundi is dealing with this chaos his brother brings to their lives . . .

If you’re interesting in getting the previous four installments, please contact me at jolenedawe at gmail dot com. Each installment is $10. For more information, please see my subscription page. You can also opt in via paypal, on the button in my sidebar.

When Worlds Collide* — an excerpt

“So . . .” Meliah groped for words. Usually she wasn’t unnerved by silence, but this was a tense silence, the kind you wanted to break, the kind that got heavier and heavier the longer it stretched on. They were both, she realized, extremely nervous. Which made her want to laugh. What the hell was he nervous about?

Possibly that she was going to press charges.

“Your father has a bad temper, then?”

Hest very nearly laughed beer out his nose. He turned a few shade of red, managed to swallow without choking, and set his empty bottle down. “He’s not my father,” he said, “but, yeah. He’s sort of legendary for it. It’s unfair — he’s not unreasonable in his anger. He doesn’t just pop off randomly. Unless his kids are involved.”

“So, they’re all your half siblings?”


Meliah nodded. Fiddled with the label on her bottle. “Did—” She stopped. Inhaled. Tried again. “He threw that man out the window. Eight stories. And he got up like he’d tripped.”

Hest lifted his bottle to drink, found it empty, and frowned at it. “Yup.”

“That’s not possible. The windows. My apartment.” Meliah heard her voice going shrill, and stopped again. “Is it going to be safe for me to stay here? Or is he going to come back.”

“Oh, he won’t be back any time soon, love.”

Meliah had the satisfaction of seeing Hest flinch, so she didn’t feel so bad that the woman’s voice startled her half out of her skin.

She stood in the open doorway dressed in a neat, tidy pantsuit. Dark auburn hair brushed her shoulders in a riot of waves, suggesting that it’d been tied up wet and was newly released. She offered Meliah a slight smile before her eyes fell on Hest. The wattage of her smile hiked up to brilliant, lighting up her whole face. She lifted her hands and crossed into the apartment without an invitation. “Ach, my boy.”

Hest folded Meliah’s neighbor into his arms, squeezing tight, and dropped his head to her shoulder. Meliah hadn’t noticed him looking particularly tense —  then again, she was rather focused on her own stress — but she could see the tension draining out of him. “It’s so good to see you, Ma.” His voice was muffled.

Meliah stood, feeling awkward and intrusive in her own kitchen.

After another long minute or two, Hest stepped back. He held his mother at arm’s length. “Are you all right?”

His mother shrugged a shoulder. “Oh, him? Please. It’s a familiar song and dance, nothing more. Some of us simply like our routines. Others of us like to seek out something new, now and again.” She shifted so that she could look at Meliah and Hast at the same time. “I’m sorry to have met you under these circumstances,” she said, holding out a hand. Her grin was almost all teeth this time. “I’m Loki.”

*I suck at titles. This is a working title only.

Story Subscription News, Writing News, Read All The Things!

By now, those of you who are already signed up for my Story Subscription will have received the twelfth, and final chapter in A Marriage of Land and Sea. From the bottom of my heart: thank you. Being able to check this particular story off my to-write list is rewarding for so many reasons. Roern and Charlie have been with me, in one form or another, for over ten years. While the troubles they’re facing aren’t completely over (there are two more books to come), the story of their arranged marriage is, and I couldn’t be happier. I hope you enjoyed the book.

A Marriage of Land and Sea was part of a plan for 2015 that more or less failed. While getting that book written was a success, everything else about my writing plans for the year was not. Of course, it would have helped if I had planned realistically, but that’s neither here nor there. The plan going in was to get aMoLaS and its following books all written by the end of July. Maybe not all written and ready to been by the world, but at least the rough drafts finished. I thought this was reasonable, a reasonable outgrowth of upping my word count every year since 2011, and of participating in NaNoWriMo for the previous two years (‘winning’ the one, and coming close the year previous by stopping at 45k). Let’s never mind that participating in NaNo taught me that I hate writing at that particular pace (though it’s the schedule more than the pace) and never mind that this meant I’d decided I would write 150k in seven months while working full time at one job and part time at a second. And, too, never mind the nonfiction writing – neither the blog posts I write, nor the 20k that I got done on the Sacred Marriage book. Never mind that that sort of writing pace was going to me miserable and thus unlikely to stick to it. I was going to get it done, using A Marriage of Land and Sea as a buffer for the Story Subscription. I was going to get all the writing done and it was going to be spectacular and wonderful and prolific and perfect.

Yeah, see . . . No.

I went into November deciding at the last minute to participate in NaNoWriMo, and I managed 20k on the new book, and realized in the second week that I’d allowed NaNo fever (get the words out, write the words, do it now!!) to distract me from everything I’ve learned about my writing practice, how to make discipline work for me, etc. I’ve had to unruin the story from where I brought it, and it’s taking me a bit longer than I’d like. I’d planned to use NaNo to get the new project (The Midnight Circle – about an insomniac and not entirely human knitting circle, originally going to be a collection of novella-length stories) started, at least . But suddenly I was writing a book, instead of stories, and the pacing was all off, and it was rushed and also not fast enough and just wrong.

I have other things started, and even though the wanting to finish the stories for themselves should be enough motivation for me to stick to them until they are done, what I’m learning is that, having an audience, a real audience and not a hypothetical audience, makes all the difference in my staying on track. Charlie was with me for thirteen years, but it took knowing you were reaing along to get her to the end of that book. So maybe I’d drag McCredie out before you, or maybe I’d revisit Brittany and Thistle –

Except those are both book length books, and I’m jonesing for something a tad shorter. Possibly a bit sweeter. Certainly not so dire. And, I’ve been owing Loki a story for a while . . .

I still don’t have a name for it, but January’s story installment will kick off a brand new story, and while Loki’s proving reluctant to be a main character, Loki will be involved – and so will Loki’s children. I can’t promise you a length – I’m still toying with having two POVs, which will necessitate a longer story than just a short short story. If I had to go on feel (what do you call that, the feeling of the substance and complexity of a story that tells the writer, this may be 5k, it might be 10k, there’s no way it’ll be as little as 30k? Is there a word for that? Am I watching too many old Vlogbrother videos, that I’m looking for words for things?), I’d say this might be as long as Igraine’s Flight, but possibly shorter, and not much longer. So, novella, not novel, not short story. I’ll be posting a sneak peek in the coming days. If you’re curious about my writing, there are places you can got to read some of my stories for free. If you’re interested is subscribing, there’s more information about what that entails here, but for a quick run down:

The subscription is $10 a month. This gets you four thousand words (roughly eight pages of new, previously unpublished material) in .mobi or .epub, direct in your in-box once a month. I accept both Patreon pledges or payment via Paypal.com.  (I need to get a button back up on my page. My paypal is bluedolfyn at yahoo dot com) Right now I’m mailing the material out on the 15th, so if the payment hits my paypal before or on the 15th, you will get an installment.

I am incredibly grateful to my subscribers in 2015 for supporting the release of a Marriage of Land and Sea – I don’t know that I’d be happy with getting chapters of books fed to me one at a time for twelve whole months. (I lie. I totally would be. Chapters are noms!) I won’t say never again, but I will say that I’m tired of writing books, bring on the shorter stories! So, if you’re curious and you want to give it a go, now might be the time!

In other news, I’ve got another story collection in the works for release in the coming year. Most of the material will be republications of fiction I’ve already had published, but I won’t say that new original fic won’t find its way into the collection, too. This is one of two that I’m looking at releasing, (re-releasing?) mostly to get my work all together in one place, for my own satisfaction and convenience. More about that as progress is made.

Plans for 2016? Keep writing! I’m staying away from big goals, keeping my mind on what I know works for me, and am just going to enjoy the process.


Resolutions (TPE Week One)

(First, I’m so glad to see that someone has created this project. Not sure how often I’ll participate, but I glad to see other people writing on the topics. The PBP was a fun way to become exposed to more writers, and I hope this will continue, so yay!!)

New Year’s Resolutions have never been something I’ve made a part of my life. I’ve never been big on the “okay, NOW I’m going to get serious about X” because the way my mind works, that’s not a sustainable practice. If I have a goal to achieve, I need to make the steps toward that goal something I can incorporate into my life. I need to make them approachable. Things like “I’m going to be kinder to myself” or “I’m going to write more” or “I’m going to eat better” are great ideas, maybe, but I need the smaller steps, I need to focus on them. The end goal can simply overwhelm me way too much and then I’m defeated before I even begin.

In our tradition, Yule is our time to retreat, to reflect, to make plans regarding how to work toward whatever our goals are for the coming year. My biggies are: to get the trilogy written, to get Poseidon: a Narrative edited and released, and to continue with the Story Subscription. I’m freeing myself from any other obligations, beyond what Poseidon and Odin tell me are my obligations, to work on those things. A year of writing the things. I’m much looking forward to it — and enjoying it thoroughly already.

Looking Back at 2014, with runes!

I am lifting this Runic Reflection right out of Beth’s blog, because I totally can. You should, too.

1.Fehu and Uruz: How has abundance manifested in my life this year? Where is my strength?

I had plans for 2014, but it turns out 2014 had plans for me, too. The abundance I wanted, going in, was an abundance of writing. I even had plans about how that was going to happen. I did get a ton written — before NaNoWriMo my tally was at 100k, and then NaNo happened, and I’ve written a good 20k since, so, abundance in that area happened. More, though? More: my Story Subscription project was born. It was born out of necessity and desperation, true (how is comprehensive dental care, something that is necessary for physical health, not a part of basic health insurance?) but that does nothing to diminish the sheer awesomeness that has been the result. I’ve produced material that I otherwise may not have. Having a “real” deadline hanging over my head has forced me to get serious about my writing in ways that having personal deadlines never managed; writing has become a part time job for me; I have a growing fanbase. (An awesome and extremely supportive fanbase).

While we’re talking of abundance, I have to mention: my family. I can’t say we have an abundance of health, because we are a kroniklee ill household, but we’ve all made it to the end of the year, and for some of us, I wasn’t sure that was going to be the case. Our numbers have remained the same through 2014, and I’ll count that as a blessing of abundance.

My strengths? Finally getting my stubborn streak to align with my desire to get more stuff written. This has been the year when I’ve really noticed that getting knocked on my arse no longer means getting so overwhelmed by life that I curl up and stop doing everything for weeks or months. Days, at most, has been the amount of recovery time I’ve needed, and since the bulk of my writing takes place between two to three days, it really hasn’t been affected much.

2. Thurisaz and Ansuz: What obstacles stand in my way? What inspires me? 

I tend to be my biggest obstacle. Despite having achieved some of the goals I had for 2014, other goals have presented themselves. I’d wanted 2014 to be the year that I Wrote All The Things, and in a way, it has been, but the focus been on the story subscription — which is great — and I still want to find ways to get more written. I’m working on it. So, time also seems to be an obstacle, and I need to make it so that time becomes an ally, instead.

Right now, seeing how people achieve their goals despite life exploding around them is a huge, huge inspiration.

3. Raido and Kenaz: What journeys (either literal or spiritual) have I made this year? What have I crafted (in either a literal or figurative sense)?

Oh, my. This year I’ve: taken on Poseidon’s name in my own; have written a novel with Poseidon as the central character; have written a number of other stories/novellas; began the Story Subscription Project. These journeys have been transformative. Writing — yes, even fiction writing. In fact, I’d say especially fiction writing — is such a spiritual journey for me on its own, each project is its own journey, and in 2014 I undertook many.
4. Gebo and Wunjo: What gifts have I given and received? What has brought me joy?

This goes along with the abundance answer. My family, my gods, my writing.

5. Hagalaz and Nauthiz: What upheavals have I dealt with? What do I need?

Upheavals did happen. Most notably: we discovered that Corbie has congestive heart failure; Beth’s primary care doctor closed her business (and if you think that’s a silly upheaval you clearly don’t deal with chronic illnesses, and thank your lucky stars that is so) and we had to find a new doctor for her; have I mentioned surprise! dental surgery yet?; Corbie’s medical stuff (because learning its there wasn’t enough; there were ER trips, too!)

What do I need? I know what I want, but what do I need? To figure out how to take our financial situation from “just enough” to “hey, that’s a nice little cushion”. So far, we really, really suck at that, but we’re working on it.

6. Isa and Jera: Where do I need to slow down, show more caution? What have I harvested?

In this I’ve already realized I need to scale my internet browsing way, way back. I find myself trying to put the cart before the horse in this — I know that i’m going to focus on indie publishing, and I know I need to get awareness of my work out there, and I know that a huge part of  marketing is using social media platforms. My problem is: once I start following blogs or following people on FB, I tend to decide I have to stay abreast of everything all the time — I have to read all the posts, and I have to respond to all the posts. It’s one part Virgo perfectionism, yes, but it’s also, I want to put out there what I want to gain. I want people to read my stuff and comment. I want to interact with my readers, and I want to be a reader that interacts with the people whose writing I read. But I’m still trying to get All The Things Written, and it’s not like I have a whole lot to market about right now. The Story Subscription, yes, but right now, that’s all I’ve got out there to draw people’s attention to. I’m setting down the guilt that I have over not being able to be the perfect reader/follower, and I’m scaling back on my social media time, because there are all these stories I want to get written. Having found my writing schedule that works for me, I’m focusing this year on getting my work count up. Something has to give, and so, alas, it’s going to be social media. For the time being. Yes, I’m going to become that person who posts to publicize my writing and what I’m selling. I’m shifting that back to my other blog, but I’ll be reblogging here, also. That doesn’t mean I won’t be posting other stuff from time to time, but it does mean that a lot of my focus — most of my focus — is going to be going into my writing, and not so much my posting.

7. Eihwaz and Perthro: What initiations have I experienced? What time do I take for play? What preparations have I made for the coming year?

Without going into details: Poseidon, holy gods, Poseidon. Just . . . *mute hand waving* Writing that novel with Him was . . . why the hell hadn’t I done that yet? (And it so needs to be rewritten; that’s next after I get the trilogy I’m working on finished. We’ll see how realistic my deadlines are as we go) Preparations for the coming year: Scrivener and story/book planning. Being a Pantser is not going to get me the most out of my time,  so I’m turning myself into a Plotter.

I have not taken much time to play this year, at all. I miss knitting (though I made socks! Three of them!) and that’s one area I’d like to get back into.

8. Algiz and Sowilo: How do I ward myself? What insights have come to me?

One thing I’ve struggled to do this year has been releasing expectations of others in my life. I build things up in my mind — the stories I tell myself about how people are — and 1) that often comes back to kick me in the arse, in a bad way but (and more importantly) 2) it isn’t fair to anyone. Let people be as they are, expect little, and you’ll be disappointed less. I’m all about having expectations of and from myself, and I’m learning to leave everyone else to their own expectations.

9. Tiwaz and Berkano: What victories have I achieved? What in me has died this year? What has been born?

This, too, goes back to abundance. What victories? Hey, I made it out of surgery alive. (Yeah, minor surgery, but this was the first time I’d been put under, and, yeah, I was scared). So much writing (have I mentioned writing yet?). Poseidon: A Narrative is in rough draft stages, but it’s out of me and onto the page. Igraine’s Flight is one step closer to being released for mass consumption. The Story Subscription project is my biggest, most happiest, proudest-making thing to have brought into the world, and I know I keep harping on that, but you guys, you guys, you guys! My own darn writing has become a part time job for me. It still does not seem quite real.

I’ve laid to rest a number of stories I tell myself about myself that are no longer or have never been true. It’s been good.

10. Ehwaz and Mannaz: What has been confirmed for me this year? How do I relate to my community?

Confirmed: writing is my calling. It’s my passion. It’s what I need to do and it’s what excites me the most. It’s how I pray, it’s how I worship, and adding Poseidon to my writing practice has been absolutely wonderful. Writing a novel with His input did more to draw u/Us closer/to open me more to Him, than anything else I’ve ever done, short of being at the coast.

Speaking of community: this year has confirmed for me that I’m really more comfortable in small groups, when I venture into groups at all, but that really, I’m a homebody. Even when online. It’s always an interesting conundrum, because I find value in interacting with others, and I like to be mentally stimulated, and I like spiritual and religious discourse, and I want to talk about my own path and have people read and comment and share. I can’t say i’m exactly anti-social, and I do feel compelled to write about Poseidon, about what my living with Poseidon looks like, etc. But I also go through cycles of chattiness and retreat, and that’s just gotta be okay. I’m also nicely settled on a tribalist-in-practice but universalist-in-my-ideals space. Which I knew, but this year has brought that home again.

11. Laguz and Inguz: How do I work with my dreams? What seeds have I planted, and what have I sacrificed to nourish them?

This, I think, will be play nicely into my next post: plans for 2015.

12. Dagaz and Othala: What doors have opened for me? What doors have closed? Where is my true home?

Writing. Not writing. Poseidon, in that order. 🙂

A Marriage of Land and Sea

Roern grew up knowing he was different – that was just part of being fated to become Groom to the Land. He loved his family, loved his place in the sea, but longed for the day when he could claim his Bride and settle in to the life destiny told him he would have. Thalia, the Bride to his Groom, was a kind, sweet daughter of the land, and being her husband was going to be no hardship at all.

Except, after their wed everything goes wrong. The magic their union was supposed to make – the magic that would heal Dying Lands and the Barren Sea – does nothing to stop the spreading blight. Worse, it soon becomes obvious that whatever this illness is has spread to the Bride. Desperate to give his wife her dying wish, Roern uses a spell to unite her with her parents one last time – and discovers that nothing is as it’s supposed to be.

Will there be enough time to make things right? Or does this discovery come at too late a date?


Sneak peak coming soon!

A Marriage of Land and Sea

We’re coming upon the close of the year, and my mind is turned toward the upcoming projects for 2015. The support my Story Subscription received in six short months has been incredible and, to be honest, a bit unexpected. I knew there were a small number of people I was pretty sure I could count on to be interested in the material I offered. I was expecting the story subscription project to take a bit of the sting off this unexpected dental bill. I wasn’t really expecting for there to be enough interest that my bill would be covered. Instead, I have seen enough interest that my dental bill payments have been covered every month entirely by this project and your generosity has helped ease the sting of Corbie’s medical expenses.

There are no words to express my gratitude. ‘Thank you’ does not seem strong enough, but I’ve got nothing else. So: thank you.

A Marriage of Land and Sea (working title, subject to change)is the next story I’m releasing via the Subscription plan. Far warning: this is going to be novella length, and it’s going to be heavily slanted toward the romance genre. Granted, because it’s me, it is a fantasy romance. . .

All Charlie wanted to do was a have a nice, relaxing, extended visit with her parents. It had been a long while since she’d seen them for more than a few weeks at a time, and now that she’d finished her degree she was looking forward to catching up. Maybe she’d settle in the area of their new home. Who knew where she’d end up finding a job? But, the plan was to not worry about that until well after the holidays.

Charlie’s plans turn to ash as her parents are reported missing, lost at sea. Freak storms batter the coast from Washington to Oregon, and her parents become just another unlucky couple taken by the sea. Charlie can think of little other than to haunt the coast, hoping for any sign that her parents might still be alive.

She isn’t prepared when she runs into a piece of their boat, small enough to fit into her hand. She isn’t prepared at all when the sea itself comes alive, seizes her in its arms, and pulls her away from everything she thought she knew . . .

What happens when everything you’ve believed about yourself is a lie?


Sneak peeks will be coming! If you’re interested, don’t forget to sign up. The first installment goes live January 1st!

Keeping it Real — Proofreading? Sometimes I suck at it.

All in all I think I do pretty well. My proofreading habits are: write the thing. Read the thing. Make changes. Read the thing out loud for story time. Make the changes. Read the thing again. Submit/release/whatnot.

This month’s installment of my Story Subscription made it out of my inbox to yours with way more typos than I’d’ve liked. I’m embarrassed, but mostly, I’m sorry that I inflicted this upon my readers. There was a bunch of things that went wrong as I was getting this ready to go, and I really ought to have stepped back and waited, and sent it out a day late instead of being stubborn about it. Ah, lessons.

Sometimes, my proofreading just isn’t. Thank you to my readers who contacted me about the issues. When Spirit Touched gets released into the wider world, those typos will be fixed, and everyone who received this installment will get the edited material for free. You would anyway — that’s one of the perks of subscribing — but this will come with a big ole helping of egg on my face.


Been quiet on this blog for a wee bit. That’s likely going to continue through December, thanks to day job in hell retail. In the next week I’ll talk a bit about the next installment for the subscription (working title is A Marriage of Land and Sea), and I’ll talk a bit about writing in general, because my mind is poking at those topics. NaNoWriMo has ended, and I’m going to be working on those edits come January. Very much looking forward to getting that work in proper condition.

Er. Babble.