I miss You.

I stand before the shrine, the house quiet around me. The cold clings to be from an hour spent outside in near-freezing temperatures, waiting for a cab to bring me home. The house is asleep -- the cats doze on the couch, Corbie is tucked into bed with Beth. A half day on the job … Continue reading I miss You.

My Polytheism

There are plenty of folks abounding who are eager to tell you what polytheism is, and is not. There is no shortage of people with opinions they wish were firm boundaries. You aren't a polytheist if: you don't put the gods first; you don't believe in the gods in the right way; you 'bring politics' … Continue reading My Polytheism

Am I a devotee?

Relationships are on my mind this morning.  Between Beth's newly-articulated (yet growing for a while) relationship with the Morrigan, and my growing relationship with Durga, and the perennial conversation that occurs in the pagan blogosphere regarding labels, I find myself contemplating terms and relationship dynamics. There is no doubt that I have affection that does … Continue reading Am I a devotee?

Durga is kind . . . . and requests tea.

There's continuing -- I hesitate to use the word 'pressure' here, because that implies a press of urgency/impatience that is not present--encouragement? awareness-brought-to-the-fact? requests? reminders? I'll go with reminders, that Durga does, in fact, want a tea cup. More, while She witnesses the right and proper sharing of tea between Poseidon and me, She wants … Continue reading Durga is kind . . . . and requests tea.