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Double Exposure

The wind smells of rain. More than that, it smells of green and of earth. If I stand still and close my eyes and pretend that I can’t hear the cars rushing by on 11th, and 6th, and 7th, or the sound of the factories two blocks over, or people coming out of their houses… Continue reading Double Exposure

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Vigil For the Bulls e-book is live!

  (Yes, alas, only for Kindle so far, though, you know, I know the author pretty well. If you want it in another form, I'm sure something can be arranged.  *wink wink*) (Note: I'm uploading a new file with hopefully corrected chapter links. If you bought a copy already and the lack of properly working… Continue reading Vigil For the Bulls e-book is live!

modern day worships · Poseidon

Am I a devotee?

Relationships are on my mind this morning.  Between Beth's newly-articulated (yet growing for a while) relationship with the Morrigan, and my growing relationship with Durga, and the perennial conversation that occurs in the pagan blogosphere regarding labels, I find myself contemplating terms and relationship dynamics. There is no doubt that I have affection that does… Continue reading Am I a devotee?