A Love Letter

I miss you. I know I begged you to take me deeper into your mysteries. I can’t, and won’t, fault you for doing as I asked. I’m not sorry at the things I’ve discovered, about you, about myself, about us. I know that my missing you is as much my own doing as yours  — … Continue reading A Love Letter


What in the actual fuck.

I woke up this morning exhausted from the working last night. I forget, every year, that the energy work is a Real Thing that has Real Consequences, and I was groggy like I'd been up for days. I lazed in bed with Corb for a bit, which was awesome. (He was supposed to be helping … Continue reading What in the actual fuck.

Well, I’ve taken yet one more step. Happy Poseidea, my Beloved.

2015 was like 2014 in that  it's been a year of minimal devotional activity. (Minimalistic?  Simple? Simple.) It's been a year of simple devotional activity. My planned calendar looks a lot more impressive than how it actually pans out. Most of my days for Poseidon (which, to be frank, are the  only one that I'm … Continue reading Well, I’ve taken yet one more step. Happy Poseidea, my Beloved.

I am held.

So, I'm not all that good right now. It's a number of things (retailhell season, anniversary of my grandmother's death which generally make me think of them both as they were good enough to die in the same year and also because, hey, we buried her on my grandfather's birthday--HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIPPY, LOOK WHAT WE … Continue reading I am held.