A Love Letter

I miss you. I know I begged you to take me deeper into your mysteries. I can’t, and won’t, fault you for doing as I asked. I’m not sorry at the things I’ve discovered, about you, about myself, about us. I know that my missing you is as much my own doing as yours  — … Continue reading A Love Letter


Sitting with heavy

Back in 2008, I broke one of the first oaths I made to Poseidon. The specifics are not important. In 2007, my beloved Angel died. There were other things going on, and I did not react well. I seized upon a loophole and held fast. Poseidon has pressed for continually growing awareness with me. He's … Continue reading Sitting with heavy

Durga is kind . . . . and requests tea.

There's continuing -- I hesitate to use the word 'pressure' here, because that implies a press of urgency/impatience that is not present--encouragement? awareness-brought-to-the-fact? requests? reminders? I'll go with reminders, that Durga does, in fact, want a tea cup. More, while She witnesses the right and proper sharing of tea between Poseidon and me, She wants … Continue reading Durga is kind . . . . and requests tea.

Inclusion, citation, love-affairs with mythic past; more ADF-inspired musing

I've made more progress in reading through the DP manual -- I should have the finished tonight/tomorrow, and I'll move on to supplemental material. I want to make it perfectly clear: I am already finding much of value in the material, and I'm not knocking anyone's approach. I've interacted with people in the ADF before … Continue reading Inclusion, citation, love-affairs with mythic past; more ADF-inspired musing