It Is All You, Earth-Shaker

It is our history that bring me here, to this dark place. Our history affords me the courage to stand before You in this dark, heavy place. The weight of the earth above is crushing and You are so immense I can only see to Your knees. I can't convince my eyes to travel higher. … Continue reading It Is All You, Earth-Shaker


Poseidon Hippios 2015

Hail, Poseidon, Lord of Horses! I sing Your praise! Hail, Poseidon, whose thundering hooves shake the very earth. From Your seed did the horse spring, From Your virility and Your generosity did this noble creature rush forth, Companion to humankind, and so often, so awfully abused. Shelter them, oh my Lord, for Your embrace is … Continue reading Poseidon Hippios 2015