Tea for Durga!

During my morning devotionals a few weeks back, Durga opined that She'd also like some tea, thank you, but tea of Her own, not to share, would be appreciated. I commissioned a tea made for Her from Mia over at The Forest Witch, and she came up with this blend for Durga. It is beautiful, … Continue reading Tea for Durga!

To Bear Witness

At a glance, my relationship with Poseidon might seem one-sided and focused mostly on me. Our path together emphasis my journey with compassion, my struggles with awareness, my healing and development of healthy, sustainable coping methods. We focus a lot on how I spend my time, we talk about projects I'm working on, or where my regular Reiki sendings … Continue reading To Bear Witness


Need drives me. I'm not special in that; I suspect that need drives a lot of people, when (heh) the need arises. Holding what I know of myself (I'm not driven by want or by interests -- I'm more gentle in my approach when I'm writing regularly or when I'm knitting) and thinking about need, … Continue reading Nauthiz


Oh, did that get your attention? My bad . . . It's a timely topic though, right? We've just had Valentine's Day (and while it's not a holiday I celebrate, it is a holiday that's thrust into my awareness, thank you Retail Reality); Theogamia is staring us in the face, Anthesteria is right around the … Continue reading Sex!