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Tl;DR: new full length chapters and/or stand alone short stories on a monthly basis (usually the former). Link to a video of that month’s installment being read aloud by yours truly. Pledge reward level dropping to $1 for all the things. Sign up via Patreon. Not on Patreon? No problem: use paypal  to send a dollar each month, or a lump sum for X amount of months, and I’ll add you to the list of non-Patreon supporters. Also, please tell your friends.
Before I get into that fun bit about asking you to give me your cold, hard cash, let me say: thank you for showing interest in my work. Whether you have been around long enough to see this through its various iterations, are a reader of my (somewhat less active than it used to be) blog, have just discovered my writing, or are only curious, thank you. You clicked through, something caught your eye, and whether you like what I have to offer or do not, you took time from your busy day for me. Thank you!

I started this campaign back in 2014, when our household was hit with a surprise dental emergency (those are the best kinds, yes?) and the news that our then-dog had some rather expensive, and chronic, medical needs. With the help of supporters, I was able to pay that dental bill off in just over a year, and you all helped keep Master Corbington in the medicines he needed. (That dog was truly a crowd-funded pooch!).

Since Corbie’s passing over a year ago, I’ve gone back and forth a bit on what I want to see, both out of my writing, and out of this campaign. The news that our rent is being increased by nearly $100 in the coming month has helped clarify that vision a bit. I want to grow my readership and produce more things for you to read. I’ll be crass enough to admit: yes, I want to get more income generated by doing the things I love to do and am doing anyway. As I consider finding a part time job to help with our financial goals, my first thought is this. Because I’d much rather work from home, working on stories, if that can generate enough income.

To that end: we’re returning to the roots of this campaign. A new chapter of a longer work, or a stand alone story, of at least 3k words, but usually closer to 4k (that’s roughly 7-9 pages) delivered to your inbox during the two week of each month. (Full disclosure: I tend to work on novella length tales, so it’s more likely to be a chapter than a stand alone story, though those do happen from time to time.) It’s not always going to be perfectly polished, and what you see may not make it to the main public release when that happens, but it will be new words, and you will get it first! Added to that is going to be terrible quality videos of me reading each installment to you by the end of each month, and almost certainly with some input from Molly. (That’s our grumbly girl. She has opinions.) It’ll mostly be a talking head, and likely via Youtube, so you can definitely listen and not watch.

Supporters also get the e-book files before they go live, once the story in question is complete, so that if you want it all in one file, you’ve got it.

Another change: the reward level. In hopes of attracting new readers, and because this is something I’m going to be doing anyway, a $1 pledge gets you all of the above. If you want to pledge more, by all means feel free, and thank you!

I’m in the midst of a rewrite of my novella Captured by the Kelpie, a story about Ashlynn, who returns to the Scottish Highlands decades after her sister went missing on a family vacation, drawn by a need for closure — and a need for the nightmares to stop. It’s about time she admitted that her sister was dead, after all this time. Closure. All that jazz. Which would have worked a lot better if the visions of her sister, alive and trapped and searching for a way home, would stop. And then there’s Greig, there every time she turns around, with those eyes, and that presence. Did he know something he wasn’t telling her?

Some material has already been released to current Patrons. Starting March 1st, the new, 4k at a pop will be in effect.

If you choose not to support me with your cold, hard cash, but have read my fiction before and liked it, please point people my way! Leave reviews, talk about the stories, spread the word. Talk up your favorite artists and creators! Heck, talk up the ones you only somewhat like, they don’t have to be your favorites. Word of mouth is a powerful tool! (And, Jo, maybe take your own advice more, while you’re at it!)