General Life

Did somebody say migraines?

So, to catch me up because I don’t know that I’ve written this down yet:

Got hit with a pretty bad one on the 21st, which lasted 2 days, though day 2 was a lot more tolerable. Had a break in the pain for part of the 23rd, but woke up with a wretched attack on the 24th, and missed work. Was headachy yesterday, but it felt like my sinuses. Woke up today with a lot of pain around 12:30am, so was able to take the new medication. It hasn’t made the pain totally go away — that’s the trouble with the ones I wake up with, right? They’re so bad before I’m even awake that the medication only takes it down a few notches. BUT! This medication enabled me to continue to sleep, about an hour after. It took the pain down to a tolerable level fast. I hope this medicine helps long term.

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