April Progress, etc.

Big Hooray!!

(because if we don’t pat ourselves on the back, who will?)

April has been a good month. Now, I’m the first to say that our worth ought not be based in our productivity, and yes, that’s a reminder I need to give myself on the regular. That being said, it feels damned good to wrap up projects that have been needing attention for a while.

A new short story, Spirit Taken: a Caleyna Summoner’s Tale goes went  live May 1st. Not only did I finally get around to doing the boring admin tasks on the publishing side of things, I also got the ball rolling on getting my material up on B&N.com. Since it made little sense to release Spirit Taken over there without making Spirit Touched available, I got that one set up to — and discovered in the process that wow, I am disorganized as fuck when it comes to saving my files.

I finished CampNaNoWriMo and surpassed my goal by a few hundred words. I’m a chapter ahead of my release schedule for my story subscription, which was the whole point. Chapters Four and Five are written, and I can work on Six while also editing Four. Now may I keep that buffer instead of wasting it by stopping for an entire month.

Also: Beth and I have launched a podcast: Build Up or Fuck Off. It is first and foremost a reminder to ourselves to behave that way, and an encouragement for others. We’re maybe not approaching it right: we don’t have episodes pre-recorded, and like most of what we do, it’s going to be a fly by the seat of our pants, unpolished, and raw. The plan right now is to twice-monthly releases, with some occasional solo episodes. And, essentially, it’s going to be my therapy space, and replacing the more personal blogs, I think, because it’s *faster* to speak than to type, and I’m so comfortable at this point writing the things that I think it’s not helping me quite as much as it used to. It’s an exploration, and beyond that we’re not planning anything specific, beyond building up.

[Note: we haven’t touched it since launching it, due in part to her lingering cold?allergies?asthma? and tooth infection, in part because insomnia makes me SuperAsshole, complete with cape!]

I recorded chapter 2 and 3 — and chapter two FOUR TIMES. So, yeah for learning more around audacity’s progam?

I’m ¾ through the mate of my sock. I’m partially done some of the finishing work for the bigger knitting WIP project. How do I feel that it’s May, and I’ve only worked on two knitting projects and have technically not finished any? Actually? Pretty stoked, because this is a win on the “I don’t need to be productive to have self-worth” front.

[Author’s Note: It’s May 12th; I’ve just discovered that I never posted this. Since the writing of it, I’ve developed a fun little case of insomnia (I’m averaging 4-6 hours of sleep a night, sometimes as little as 3. My brain just won’t shut off). It’s not enough to seriously affect me — yet — but it’s making things interesting. I’ve been going easy with myself, watching TV, listening to pods, playing games, and relaxing as much as I can at home. Sorry for the late posting! Also, is anyone listening to the recordings? Is it working for people? Not trying to fish for ego-pats, but feedback helps me not feel like I’m just tossing things out into the void. So, yeah. Ego-pats, please and thank you.]


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