Things are Marching Forward (teehee)

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March Intentions:

  • Post chapters One and Two in full, for story subscibers/patrons
  • Record, upload, and release Chapter One for subscribers/patrons
  • Record and prep Chapter Two
  • Write, edit, and prep Chapter Three
  • Finish the knitting WIP
  • Read 4 books

You know when you want to do the thing, and you put off doing the thing, and you put off doing the thing, and then the thing becomes this huge Thing that tugs at you and weighs you down? Suddenly (except not suddenly, because you created this Huge Thing over so much time) it’s turned into this insurmountable thing that crushes you, nags you, saps your energy, strength, and ability to feel anything other than the failure you are for not having done this thing?


I recorded Chapter One of Captured by the Kelpie in March, successfully uploaded it, and released it to my story subscribers. Finally. After a few years of talking about how this was a feature I’d be adding to the subscription project, I actually sat down and figured it out, and did it.

It is, to be clear, incredibly amateurish. The audio itself is okay — it’ll get better when I get better about placement of the microphone, the editing software, and editing in general — but I read way too fast (slower than I speak, though, so that’s something!) Aside from that, there’s the whole topic of voices and accents. Because all but a couple of my characters are Scotland natives, and the only accent I can pull off with any amount of confidence is the one I grew up with: a Massachusetts accent, and while that is a distinct accent, it’s not a Scottish one. I am playing around with differentiating the voices from each other, but I’m doing it badly. So, it’s a chapter you can have read to you, rather than having to read it yourself, but, I wince.

Done is better than perfect is an adage I strive to embrace. Left to my own device, I’m the sort of perfectionist that never does anything, because nothing can ever be perfect. Getting the recording recorded is great accomplishment. We won’t talk about how many hours I spent figuring out what sort of combination would work, in terms of both editing software and platform for making it available. How many times did I read that damned chapter out loud to my critters? At least five.

Future recordings will be easier. And yes, I’m toying with the idea of recording some older stories to release as freebies so that I can get more comfortable with the whole reading out loud process again.

I also finished up the initial write, and partial editing, of Chapter Three, and have made some headway into Chapter Four. A very minor amount, because *drumroll* I’ve committed to participating in CampNaNo in April, for which my goals are to get a jump on the initial drafts of the next two chapters. Low-ball goal is 8k, but I’ll reassess halfway into the month and see if I can’t swing an extra 4k. I would love to get ahead of my release schedule, ideally a few months out, and stay ahead. I tend to get ahead, and then slack off and lose that, and maybe that’s how I work, maybe I need that down time, maybe I need the slight pressure of a deadline, but I want to not need that, so we’ll experiment a bit and see.

In my knitting world: my big project is off the needles! ::throws confetti:: I still have a bunch of finishing work to wrap up with it, which I’m going to commit my next day off to so I can have it all done before the start of Camp, and I’ll talk more about that when it’s done — it’s likely to get its own post, because I learned some things about myself while working on a larger project. Heretofore I’ve done socks and scarves and mittens and washcloths. Important things, and hooray for shaping skills, but the larger project was different, and it was neat. There will be pictures, eventually, as well.

On the consuming the things front, I got through a decent amount of books. To be clear, I’m able to listen to 5-7 hours of audio media during my work day, which means I’m able to get through books pretty quickly. It also means that audiobooks are basically how I read these days, and truthfully? I prefer it. This month, I read:

A Meeting at Corvallis by S.M. Stirling, which is the end of the first trio in the Change series. Liked it well enough, was glad to finish that series this time around;

The Sunrise Land by S.M. Stirling, which is the beginning of the next series of books in that universe, and so far I’m liking it much better. The narrator decided between the first three and this one that he forgot how to pronounce ‘Willamette Valley’, which threw me out constantly. He also dropped one of the accents for one of the English folk, and made him American, which, I mean, okay. Wasn’t a huge deal. Is still mispronouncing Cernunous. Content-wise, though, yeah, I like this series that centers on the next generation more than I liked the first.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain. This one I’d started before and had to come back to. I enjoyed it a lot. I expected something that was thoroughly pro-introvert, and while this book was that, it was also, hey, there’s something to be said for extroverts, and maybe instead of treating the differences as a dichotomy, maybe let’s see the strengths in both ways of being, and maybe let’s see something of a spectrum instead. At least, that’s my take-away, and it’s already helped me implement some things in my life to help me deal with an extroverted world.

The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher. Okay, okay. As I write this, it’s the 25th, and I’m only halfway through the book, but that’s half way in one shift, so I’m thinking that by Tuesday at the latest, I’ll be through it. At this point, mostly I want to know more about this world almost more than I want to know more about the current events in this world, which, hey, is still a reason to stick with it. There have been a few delightful interactions that had me laughing out loud. Also? People that speak cat, that speak to cats, and a warrior class that has some lion in their background? Yeah, sign me up for this world, thanks.

In other listening news, I continue to enjoy the Uncurated Life podcast. If you haven’t listened to Cindy’s pod, you ought to. While on the surface it’s planner- and lettering-community specific, it really isn’t. She and her guests talk about issues that are in any communities where there are more than two people (hint: all of them). It is refreshing to see the issues I’ve seen rampant among pagan communities, polytheist communities, come up in these places too; it reminds me that we are human, and we do human things, and we all face shit and fail and have our struggles, and are complex, diverse animals. I found the pod on Imposter Syndrome extremely valuable, though I think you should listen to all of them.

And that’s me! I’m back to knitting the pair of socks that it’ll be too warm to wear once I’m done, and working on the next chapter of Captured by the Kelpie, and prepping for Camp!

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