February: A Report


February should be summed up in one word: snow. There hasn’t been a lot of it, mind, but we did get the better part of a foot dumped on us overnight, on the 25th, and it did close the city down. My workplace closed early due to people not being able to get in. For those of us who commute via the bus, this meant walking home, because the buses stopped running after the very first bus scheduled for the day, and the cabs also did not run. (I walked part of the way with a coworker and another employee from a business near ours before a wonderful person on their way to work at the hospital stopped to give us a lift part of the way. This cut our walk from 3 miles to under 1.5)(I’m not 20 anymore)(hashtag: feeling it)

I’m starting to set intentions rather than hard goals for most things, going into each month. The hard goals I have related directly to the story subscription I run — especially now that I’ve updated my schedule and material length — so that I have 4k words worth of new material ready to go during the first week of each month, and a recording of the previous month’s material ready to be released for those who’d rather listen than read.

Intention wise for February I wanted to:

  • Read 4 book
  • Finish parts 2 and 3 of the knitting project
  • Get two more sections of ‘Kelpie’ written
  • Complete undisclosed project/ritual
  • Get the Beloved Dead shrine squared away
  • Clean out the dog crate from storage and start crate re-training

I did finish parts 2 and 3 of the knitting project — and completed a sweater for Molly, to boot. I have parts 4 and 5 of the bigger WIP to finish, and hope to have those done by mid-March.

I read two books: Dies the Fire and The Protector’s War, both by S.M. Stirling, narrated by a man who does great accents and mispronounces things in expected but kicking-out-of-the-story ways. I also started to read The Dark Is Rising, and forth book I’ve forgotten right now, but I opted instead to catch up on some podcasts, so those all filled up my audio time.

I wrote 1.5 new sections to Kelpie, so not the actual goal, but close enough that I’m pleased.

Undisclosed project/ritual was not finished, but got most of the work completed on it.

The Beloved Dead Shrine still needs to be squared away. We’re integrating the non-human with the human beloved dead, to make it be one single space. This requires coordinating, changing things around, and seeing what we like. So, it’s in process, but not as far along as we’d like.

Dog crate was cleaned off and set up a la den style for Molly. She started to go in it, jangled her tags on the doorway, and hasn’t been interested in in since. And we haven’t put in the effort, since she’s never home alone. Gotta get back on that, though. Treats were happening in the crate. They need to start happening in the crate again. I say in the crate. I mean, with her head in the crate. Molly is slow to make changes, and that’s okay.

I also: recorded and posted an intro vid to my Patreon campaign, update the subscription ($1 for new fiction every month, early access to posts, and a(n albeit amateur) recording of fiction, on the regular), and reshared an older story, read out loud.

Plus worked the day job full time. Go me.

For March, I want to:

  • Post ch 1 in full and ch 2 in full for patrons/subscribers
    • The goal is to have them up by the end of the 1st week
  • Post link to ch 1 vid/audio for said subscribes
  • Edit ch 2
  • Record ch 2
  • Write 4k on ch 3
  • Plan April budget
  • Finish knitting WIP
  • Read or “read”  3 books
  • Start socks

Intentions! Not goals! And, not unreasonable, I think.

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