January Round Up and Progress Report

20190130_235048January has been a doctor-heavy month, and February is looking to be the same. (Everyone is fine!) We had the vet out for the last of Molly’s updates (let’s hear it for oral vaccines!). The vet was new to our practice, as was the vet tech, and while Molly was doped out to calm her down, she was still the least grumbly I’ve seen her with any of the vets to date. She was muzzled, per the yoosh, but she also let the vet tech snug against her, and even preened up at her at one point. We haven’t seen her preen at anyone not-us since her foster mum. We’ll be asking for this particular vet by name when Molly has appointments going forward. (They also once again uttered the beloved phrase. You know the one. “Her heart sounds great.”)

A week later, Zerk saw the same vet for some on-going tummy troubles. A switch of food and some medicine was called for, to get his IBD under control again. The medicine helped very much, and he’s perked up. They fawned over him, naturally, and were most impressed with how patient and kind he was. (I think the name unnerved them.) He’s a lover, not a fighter.

A week after that, I took myself to the dentist for an annoyed gum issue. A new dentist to me, and quite likable. There’s more scheduled, I’m appointment-ed up all through the middle of February, so yay?

Writing-wise: I’ve released the first two bits of Captured by the Kelpie to my Patrons and Supporters. (Thank you!!)  It’s slow going, but I’m also really loving the story again. And writing. I have ideas churning in my head, that I’m eager to get onto the page. I realized I haven’t released the second Caleyna story to the public yet, so I need to maybe make that a priority for the coming months. I totally forgot about that.

Reading-wise, this month I’ve listened to Lois McMaster Bujold’s Chalion books. Like with so many books that I read a while ago, I so mis-remembered so much of these books. For one thing, I had them fitting together as a trilogy rather than just as a shared world series. For another thing, I think I read them out of order, last time. What I did remember, though, was how much the religious system in this series struck me as believable, as a great reflection on how polytheism can be. At the time of my first reading, this example was the first I’d come across in fantasy that read as real, and less as fabricated. There have been others since then (NK Jemisen’s Inheritance Trilogy  jumps to mind, and a reminder I need to read more of her books). I’m also making my way through Juli D. Revezzo’s newest novella, Fifty Measly Bucks. Picking my way through not because it’s not an engaging story (it is!) but because audiobooks have spoiled me, and having to actually read the books for myself is just so much work. [insert hand to forehead swoon here]

Knitting-wise: I’ve knit up the swatch for Molly’s sweater (a raglan pattern from Seamless Knits for Posh Pups), which I’ll start once I make a little more progress on the current WIP. After that, I’m going to toy around with knitting in different ways. I want to learn Continental, and I really want to learn Norwegian purling. I’ve tried flicking (I’m a thrower, and I use my middle finger rather than my index) but my hand seems too short to be able to get the motion correct.

Depth Year-wise: Mindless scrolling has crept up a bit, so I’m working on scaling that back. I’m using less data on my phone, at least, so the scrolling, while being mindless, is somewhat deliberate, too, since I have to be on the computer to do it. I’ve got a number of reference books out from the library (Making It: Radical Home Ec for a Post-Consumer World; Barbara G. Walker’s A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns; Cast on, Bind Off ) to flip through.

Plans for the upcoming month? Keep writing, keep knitting, keep exploring homecraft, keep working on paying down debt and getting so that we’re able to live within our means. We’re getting better and better, but there’s also only so much we can shave off.

To that end, and since I’m told I should mention it, I’m holding a fundraiser, from now through April, to try to raise money for a bike. Biking to work most days would cut my travel budget in nearly half, build in some wonderful decompression time that the bus does not offer in the least, and introduce some nice cardio. Loved ones insist that I get a new bike for this venture, and the ones I’m looking at are in the $130-$170 price range. I’ll also need the assorted gear: lights, a helmet, reflective wear, lights, a lock or two, a tire gauge, lights, and a pump. I’m trying to raise $250, though honestly any bit helps. I’ll be getting the bike regardless, but getting it sooner would help us save sooner.  If you’re interested in helping me reach that goal (or hell, helping us pay down the various medical bills that just don’t seem to go away) you can donate through paypal, or through the fundraiser I’m raising on FB. If you do donate, and would like some small thing in return — a postcard, a distance Reiki treatment, some little bit in some little story, something you want to see me write about, extra pictures of Molly — you just let me know!

And that’s where I’m at!

2 thoughts on “January Round Up and Progress Report

  1. Knitting wise, I’ve found myself using yarn that I already own, rather than buying more. I’ve also (finally) learned how to do ribbed stitch, and have fallen in love with knitting ribbed scarves. I’d like to learn how to make socks this year, but I’m waiting for it to warm up before I try anything with tiny needles.

    • Unsolicited advice: do a pair of socks in DK or worsted weight first! I knit four pairs of socks in worsted weight before attempting a fingering weight pair, and I’m glad I did. getting familiar with the shaping techniques on bigger needles was definitely a plus.

      I love rib, and mock rib. ❤

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