Looking Back, Looking Ahead

December Round Up

As mentioned in my previous round-up, there are a number of things I aim to be doing (intentions, rather than goals. I picked this distinction up from some folks in one of the planner groups where I lurk, and I rather inherent permission the distinction seems to grant me) (a mind trick? Sure! But it’s working, so who cares?) on a regular basis in the coming year. Interestingly, I’ve read a number of posts by some fairly prolific authors talking about the toll that high production rates have had on their lives overall. While none of them speak of regretting their choices, they do speak frankly of the hardships of producing book after book after book. This is timely for me, as I get back into writing and find myself tempted, always tempted to plot out a schedule, an end goal, a business plan.

No, I remind myself. I have a job that I enjoy, that gives me plenty of time to think through story ideas, that gives my physical activity enough that I’m okay with my at home hobbies being sedentary, etc. I don’t need writing to be anything more than a slow-paced part time job at best. I am not envious of the success of these authors, because I would be miserable on their schedules, and I  do not want to dread writing. It is completely acceptable to do this on my own terms, and measure success also on my own terms. And, where I’m at right now is, I just want to write the things.

Re-affirmation for the win.

December was good! I released the first bit of the re-write to my Patrons. We celebrated the holidays with our wee family, put Molly into a food coma twice (we joined her) and watched some of Capaldi’s DW. I finally finished Beth’s socks, and surprise, they actually look like socks! I placed a large-project’s worth of yarn, made a(nother) cowl for Molly, this one of my own design, and am on the fourth corresponding leg warmer for her, as well. All in all, I took it easy at home, worked my ass off at work, picked up my yoga practice (which is less yoga and  more just stretching at this point; spiritual stuff will filter in later, I am sure), started my planner set up, made more effort to stay in contact with my extended family, and read some books. It’s been nice.

As of this writing, I’m 1k into the next section of the novella. This re-write was almost a complete re-write, so while I’m pleased with how it looks, I’m also worded out.

Looking Ahead

I am very pointedly not making any grand plans for the coming year. I’m going to keep writing, keep practicing yoga, keep putting in an effort to stay in closer contact with the extended fam, and sharing more/differently/thinking less in terms of content and more in terms of connection — but with the exception of aiming for 2k to share at least every two months, that’s the extent of my plans. No deadlines. No goals. Just intentions.

We’re burning our way through Supernatural 13. We’ve got the first two seasons of Outlander waiting at our library for us. I have two knitting projects that I hope to cast on over the next few days (one will be for traveling, one will be for at home). I have hopes of getting through a number of books in the next coming months (I’m behind on a number of series that I read) thanks to our Scribd subscription. I’m going to keep playing around with my bujo/planner thingie. I’m going to keep choosing joy.

I hope you all had a great new year’s! We spent it at home, with the critters, as we always do. I’ll never understand exploding things as a means of celebration, but whatever. Humans are weird.

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