March Book Recap

Is I mentioned in the previous post in this series, this is a self-serving post. I want to know what I’ve read, when, and what I thought of it. I toy around with doing this in a journal, but I’m not going to have the patience to print the covers out on a regularly basis, plus if I do it here, it’ll be tag-able.

Without Further Ado:

vampNibbled by the Vamp — Celia Kyle. This is a novella in her shifter world, and it was a fun, quick read. Her material is something I have to be in the mood for, as her narratives tend to be lighter than my preferred style. (I don’t want to call these books light exactly, as they deal with potentially heavy topics, but they’re not quite the angst I seem to prefer as my go-to). I don’t know that I would have liked this as an introduction to her fiction, but I did enjoy it.

Burn Bright — Patricia Briggs. This is the newest release in her Alpha and Omega series, which is my favorite of the two she’s got going concurrently. I love, love, love Anna and Charles, and this did not disappoint. Fast paced and


somewhat suspenseful, I have to say that I did not figure out the who-dun-it right away, though I was pretty sure who it was once the first suspect was named. I was a bit out of touch in the grand scheme of things, as this takes place after the previous Mercy book (they’re not dependent upon one another, but they are connected by being in the same world with the same Uber-boss of the wolves), so one I was finished with this one, I read . . .

Silence Fallen — Patricia Briggs. This is her most recent silence_fallen_layout.inddMercy Thompson book. I have such a weird relationship with these books. I love them. I know I love them. I reread them eagerly every time a new one comes out, and sometimes even without a new one coming out, and yet, when I’m not reading them I think I’m all ‘meh’ about Mercy. It’s a lie, a total lie. Briggs is a master at relationships and inter-character banter, and these are a joy to read. Even if Mercy drives me crazy from time to time.


Dragon Bond is next up, a stand alone romance/fantasy novella by Ruby Lionsdrake. This is a prime example as to why I want to write these up: I’d already read this story. I don’t know if it was a newsletter freebie or what, because Amazon didn’t catch that I already owned it, and I was able to buy it again. Not a big deal. I was halfway through it before I thought, wow, this seems familiar, and I really didn’t remember the outcome, so maybe I was ill when I read it last time? Ruby Lionsdrake is Lindsay Buroker’s more explicit romance pen name (she writes SF and F, though more SF under that name), and I enjoyed this one a lot. But then I would, because, you know. Dragons.


Dragon Storm; Revelations; Origins Unraveled,–Heritage of Power book 1-4 — Lindsay Buroker. These novels returns us to Iskandia, where her Dragon Blood series is set, and there are some returning characters even though the main characters are new faces. After centuries of dragons being gone from their world, the dragons are returning and causing heck for the humans. Iskandia is a magic-fearing society, so when those with dragon blood do show up, no matter how diluted through time, they generally keep their abilities quiet. Trip does, but then he would, because his mother was a bit off, and she died for it. This series follows Trip and his comrades in adventures filled with magic, self-discover, treasure hunting, and a decent amount of blowing things up.


Orion and Treyjon, Star Guardians book 1-2 — Ruby Lionsdrake. Yes, I’m a glom-reader. Once I find an author I like, in a series I like, I tend to nom-nom all the available books, as I can afford them. One thing I appreciate about Buroker’s/Lionsdrake’s books is that the first of the series’ tend to be loss-leaders, and the rest range between $3-$5, so, you know, paperback prices of yesteryear. It allows for glom-reading. Nom-nom. Enjoyable reads, though the kidnapped from earth trope isn’t my favorite. I’m actually on the fence about threats-of-sexual-abuse as a plot device, because on the one hand, can there not be other things that happen instead, but on the other hand, it’s a thing that happens, as in it’s a thing that happens a fucking LOT, and is wanting that subject out of our stories as a thing that happens akin to shush-let’s-not-talk about it? People come down on both sides of that fence, and all the way in between, and sexual assault and rape survivors run that gamut. It doesn’t make me happy as a plot device, but then, the subject SHOULD be one that makes everyone unhappy, and yeah, showing those opposed to sexual abuse is important. One can be an alpha male character AND staunchly repelled by the idea of using force or coercion to have his way with anyone. So there.

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