March Progress Report


Or: The Month Wherein I learn (hopefully once and for all) how much planning can help me deal with going forward, and how much planning is too much planning;

Or: Don’t Hem Me In, I’m an Artist, Damn It!

Behind the scenes (unless you follow me on IG), I’ve been playing around with planning. For me, this is taking list-making to the next step, and it’s entirely possible that for others this is a task mastered as a young adult. I think I’ve proven at this point that I’ll do things my way, right? And, sometimes [read: often] that means learning simple tasks far later than others around me. I use a weekly spread, though most of my non-day job tasks are clustered around my days off. I write out each day of the week specifically as a reminder to my brain that I’m getting shit done on those days too, and also because I like having them there. I can take notes in the spaces I set aside, even if I’m not filling them up with tasks.

During March, I’ve used the space to write up a posting schedule for myself, and I’m trying to be realistic about what I can handle (that is, I can’t realistically expect myself to have the schedule of a full time professional author, because that’s not what I am) while at the same time, challenging myself to keep working forward toward my goals (that is, get the shit written, released, and keep trying to expand my audience, because my material does not suck, and stories are good things to discover.)  It’s a pretty basic schedule, and it gives me enough structure that I’m not spinning my wheels trying to decide where to start.

Week One story subscription installment, which goes out to patrons at that level, as well as to folks subscribing outside of Patreon;

Week Two: Spiritual Blathering and/or Mental Health Diaries — because I want to keep examining shit, even if its uncomfortable, and writing about it helps me form thoughts, and feedback is valuable;

Week Three: Monthly check in on projects and progress — what this post started out as, though I’ve already digressed;

Week Four: Snippets of upcoming work to my patrons, snippets of work about to be released publicly, cover reveals, other assorted misc., which is maybe what this post should really be considered.

Pulling this back on track: this month I’ve written three drafts of May’s story, and am about to start the first of the typed up drafts. (It’s return to the world of Igraine’s Flight, though  the central characters are different, and it’s a shorter work). I’m hoping to have that draft wrapped up by the end of tonight, though I have some wiggle room. Ride or die date for it to land on my editor’s desk is the 29th.

I’m expecting Spirit Taken, April’s story, back at about the same time, so I can get the final edits in and prep that for release to my subscribers. (Woohoo subscribers, you guys rock my world!) I’m looking at an August release date for mass consumption, but that’s penciled in as of right now.

I also finally downloaded and have started playing around with Audacity, and will start offering audio versions of the stories to subscribers also in the upcoming months. I may stagger the release of those until I get caught up (I won’t have the audio Spirit Taken ready to release along with the book files, for example), but I’m also considering releasing them by sections rather than by whole story length, maybe over the course of the first week of each month, to make them more manageable, listening wise.

I’m recording them myself, and they’re going to suck at first, but they’re also going to be better than not having them at all? And I’m only going to get better by the doing. And I have feelings about audio versions of books costing so much. I mean, hooray if you can afford them, but maybe you want to listen to the story without necessarily wanting actors? I mean, maybe there can be a step between awful mechanical text-to-speech audio and in a studio by professionals audio?  Mostly, it’s something I want to play around with, and so I am.


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