Reiki sessions, Tarot readings, books for sale, Patreon Campaigns, and oh, hey, check out

So, yesterday’s post was a bit of a freak out. Today is both not as panicky and just as desperate — because seeing that we are just going to squeak by with the rent helpfully takes everything else off the table. September is going to be “Let’s get caught up on all the things we couldn’t afford to cover in August! Like power, and trash collection!”

I’m offering distance Reiki sessions: $20 for an hour-long session. We can figure out the time, if you want to sync it up.

Don’t forget that Beth is offering readings over in her Etsy shop: a five card reading for $20. Want both?  $30, via paypal at

We have books for sale! I’ve got my books available in multiple ebook formats on my Etsy shop (buying from Etsy gets the money in our bank account faster), and her PDFs are available at her shop. We’re also sealing books we own. Check out this post for a list of what’s currently available.

Beth and I both have Patreon accounts, where you can pledge anything you’d like, to receive access to material and other various rewards. Opt into my Story Subscription, either via Patreon or Paypal, and receive all of the back-issues of the When Worlds Collide installments to get you caught up to date!

And yeah, I’ll plug my new pet project: My Polytheism. This baby is taking 3-5 hours of my time regularly, and I love doing it. I’m not trying to cash in on this, but if you like what I’m doing and want to help out, consider donating. I’m going to keep at it regardless, because I’m having too much fun with it, but I’d like to not be spread quite so thing. We’re trying to keep our heads above water, and could surely use the help.

Thank you!



2 thoughts on “Reiki sessions, Tarot readings, books for sale, Patreon Campaigns, and oh, hey, check out

  1. I will contribute when I get a chance. One suggestion I’d make for you and Beth is to switch from PayPal to Venmo. PayPal will deduct a fee from every payment you get; Venmo deducts nothing, so you get the full amount. (Venmo is owned by PayPal, and totally free to sign up.) If I end up buying anything from you, I’d prefer to pay you through Venmo so that you don’t have to deal with letting a third party take a cut from your payment!

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