So, I made a thing.

What are my goals with this new site?

Celebrating diversity in contemporary polytheism with a strong emphasis on building up. I want to honor our differences without having to use divisive language. I want there to be a visible, vocal alternative to the would-be gatekeepers. If the polytheist movement is to be a thing, I want it to be a diverse thing.  Mostly: I want those finding their way to polytheism, and those who are maybe not new to polytheism but new to interacting with other polytheists online to see that not all polytheists online are eager to tell them what they’re doing wrong.

I’m planning on purchasing a domain once I have the money for it, and I really want this to be about us, and not about me. It’s been suggested that questions get fielded, to keep conversation going, and my mind turns toward something like the Kemetic Round Table — like, a Polytheist Round Table, though I’m foggy with pain that I can’t think of anything to start off with. I want other people contributing. I want this to be big and loud and VISIBLE.

But, I’ve never even tried to do anything like this before, and right now I’m just thrilled to have those links and reblogs.

So, this is me, asking for help here. Suggestions are so very welcome. Critiques, cautions, etc. Anything. Help me make this into a good thing?


16 thoughts on “

  1. A wordpress free blog is already a start. If I remember correctly, you already have money issues, so maybe keep it simple at first.

    There could be contributors via their own blogs and reblogs. You could build up a list of themes that could tackled, just that the PBP in the past. And then you would index people’s articles in a post here with the links, add an index tab with all the questions. You could launch a special something every 3 months. You can definitely be creative about it.

    • WordPress is affordable for the mean time, that’s for sure! I’m poking around and surprised at the flexibility WordPress has, regarding how people can post to a particular site, so that’ll be useful, too. Re: tabs and indices: you bring up a good point. I’m cart-before-the-horse, trying to figure out what that may look like, before I have any content for it. I won’t know, until it’s time to get it situation. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. I haven’t had a chance to read the starter posts for this but if I can ever get my brain working that way I’d be happy to contribute.

  3. Really love this all around. I’ve been hiding from the pagan/polytheist blogosphere even as a lurker lately, but you’ve got me feeling hopeful.

    • Wow, thank you for this comment. I’ve been floored by the response this has received. I love that so many people are adding their voice. Your comnent about lurking lately is *exactly* why i wanted these in one spot.

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