That’s a good way to start it off, right?

It’s Gratitude Project time! If I’m anything like I normally am with this project, I’ll start out strong and then taper off, because that’s what I do. *lol* But, today I’m still filled with such happiness and relief that Bear is home, that this is a perfect place to start. I am grateful that he’s been reunited with his family, that his adventure was short, and safe. He garnered so much attention — I’m so glad his hooman mum has such a wide support network.

(The Gratitude Project was started longer ago than I like mentioning, by Estara T’Shirai. Every day, from Lammas to Mabon, you post something you’re grateful for. Something different, each day. So, you can be grateful for, you know, Corbie more than once, but it has to be for different things. Like: “Today I’m grateful for Corbie’s nose, making random appearances in my videos,” and then “Today I’m grateful for Corbie’s bed sprawling which makes sleeping interesting, because that means he’s still here to be a bed hog,” and then, “Today I’m grateful that Corbie’s farts aren’t very stinky . . . “)


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