Beth has a Patreon! And, more from ‘who IS this person??’ reflections

Most excitedly Beth has been strong-armed into launching her very own Patreon page. She has (we both have) many wonderful friends and community that wishes to support her,  who may not be able to make purchases every month, and Patreon allows for that to happen. There are other factors going into her deciding to open the account; I’m simply glad she finally did it.


I had a bunch of plans for this ‘weekend’ of mine. A lot of cleaning to get the place guest ready, and a ton of writing. There’s been no writing. I’ve cleaned one of our two small linen closets. That’s been it. I’ve made progress on getting Kitten, Witchin’s story fleshed out, I did some editorial work, and I’ve sketched a lot. Taking up yesterday and today? I’m having a wicked, wicked menstrual cycle.

For those not in the know, and still reading: I deal with PMDD, on top of some wretched periods. Intense pain, usually a day or two of migraines, mood swings out the wazoo, exhaustion that does not let up . . . It’s gotten a bit better as I’ve gotten older, and since these tend to be the only regular migraines I get these days,  while for some it might be awful, for me, having one or two migraines a month is a vast improvement is lifestyle, and I’ll take it.

What I’ve noticed, since beginning medication for the depression, has been that my ability to deal with this enforced slowing of my pace. My periods have always been awful, but also predictable, and between chronic migraines and this, I’ve built my life around these limitations I have, so the ability to slow down is something I’ve worked for and can do, usually.  My cycle has been regular in its irregularity, so I’d have five to six days of heavy flow, with a day off smack in the middle — that’s gone now. Now, it’s fewer days with heavy bleeding, and generally over in 5. So, that’s better.

My emotions have stabilized, so that’s also better.

The change I’m awed at this week is, I have more patience with the pain and the needing to rest. If it’s a work day, I generally push myself to go to work (maybe need to stop that, what with having the sick time) but otherwise I ease up. Today I woke up in agony, and decided it was a lounge in bed and never get dressed day. I woke up in agony, and my first thought was, “I’m in a lot of pain. My poor body.”  And I realized, five months ago, that would have been, “I’m in a lot of pain. Fucking weak ass body.” And I’d push it, and rail at myself for being a lazy slacker.

So. This is better.


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