Brand new: Herbal Enchantments Botanical Herbs

Exciting things happening over at Beth’s shop! There’s a bunch of new incense listed, and now, yup, herbs! We’ve also got some books for sale, so if you wanna, I dunno, help us meet rent *and* get books in the process, you might want to check that post out too. I’m reblogging this one on the herbal launch, but there are three consecutive posts that are relevant. Click away!

Wytch of the North


Herbal Enchantments is a collection of herbs, flowers, bark, resins, powders, berries, and roots for magickal crafting. All of the herbs I offer are inspected and sorted by hand, vibrant in color and fragrance, and either certified organic or ethically sourced/wildcrafted. Each herb is presented in a 3 x 5 bag, which contains anywhere from 1/2 oz to one ounce of product depending on the bulk or “fluffiness” of the herb in question. (For example, 1 oz of root material might fit into a bag, but only 1/2 oz of whole flowers, since the whole flowers take up more space.)

Each bag is only $4, so this is a great way to stock up and fill your entire witch’s cabinet! They can be used:

  1. for making your own mojo bags
  2.  for dressing candles (along with any type of oil, even olive oil from your kitchen)
  3. making herbal offerings to deities or…

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