Naming the Unnamable

Love this, even if I’m still, still gnashing my teeth over, “names don’t matter, but I’m Poseidon.”

Wytch of the North

So, you’ve probably noticed the general lack of content posts around here after this one went live.  I do intend to keep posting more than just shop promotion here, when I have time, but in the wake of what were some pretty big changes in my path, I’ve needed some time to sort out what direction I’m headed in now, where the boundary markers lie and what my destination is. All of this is largely being determined by the Traveler (my spirit Husband) Himself more so than by me (which is as He always intended), but I’m beginning to recognize a few things that have popped up as landmarks along the way. And even though He has adopted a face and to some extent an identity from pop culture (and I must say I am enjoying said guise quite a bit), our path together does not end there.

In the wake of…

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