Vegan? Not so much.

I have this super annoying habit to decide I have to go all in, or not even bother. I fucked up, on my first day, and not only didn’t eat enough food, I also pretended that sodium intake wasn’t a factor.

The flaming inferno that is my stomach, let me show you it.

Yesterday was pretty much chocolatey protein drink deliciousness, with a burrito split with Beth for dinner. I’m managing the no meat easy enough, at least. I’m going slowly, for now, and looking for vegan replacements for non-vegan favorites. I’m about to try almondmilk ‘creamer’ in my tea to see if that’s acceptable. I’m suspecting that creamer and eggs and cheddar will be the keepers for me, at least for the time being. That’s still something, though, right?


2 thoughts on “Vegan? Not so much.

  1. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. I wish I was there, I’d cook for you. 🙂 This week I made some favorite black eye peas and collards with mashed sweet potatoes n apples. In the next day or two I’ll make chickpea n zucchini curry with kale and basmati rice.

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