Changes and Celebrations!

I’m gearing up to begin the Vigil tomorrow, and there’s a feel of heaviness about the shrine. Before I settle into the solemn mood that the Vigil requires, I want to talk about some joyous things.

I’ve been working my tail off today, so that everything should be ready to go. The Vigil for the Bulls e-book is in review, and it should actually be live on time. (It’s live to buy now, technically, but I’ve got changes uploading, so you’re better off waiting. Trying to get the pesky ToC to work properly!. I’ll let you know when it’s good to go.)  The form and function of the accompanying site are firming up in my mind, and I hope you’ll be pleased.

I feel, finally, two years into the Subscription Project, that I have enough of an idea of what I’m doing, where I’m going, and enough discipline/understanding of how I am as a writer, to really commit to upping my game. My  Patreon is about to get way more active. I’m revamping my rewards in hopes to appeal to a wider range of people, while staying true to my longtime readers and fan-base. (eek, I have fan-base!) In August I’ll be announcing the changes, and all of my Patreon-supporters will gain a sneak peek of a Patreon-exclusive project!

I’m six hours into my workday, so far, and I’m ready to head into the day job for some rest. 😉 Which is sort of cool.


6 thoughts on “Changes and Celebrations!

  1. *bounce bounce bounce* I will look for news when I return from camp. (She says with confidence even though her memory is the shit.)

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