It’s not exactly how it’s going to look, for the Vigil, but near enough. I knew there was going to be a size difference , and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that.


That said, I rather like this Vishnu. I love to colors, I love the imagery.  I’m not 100% sure how the idol will hold up to bathing rituals, but I guess we’re going to find out.

Waiting for Him to arrive was . . . interesting. Yesterday, after dismantling the old Poseidon shrine, moving it to the bedroom, and setting up a space that was ready for Guests, I was excited. I found myself in a state of eagerly awaiting company that I knew was due to finally, finally arrive — and I’ve never been excited about company before. I’ve explained before that I’m generally glad to have had company, but I’ve been the sort to enjoy having done something. Having visited, having seen people I love and wanted to see. The going-to, and even the visiting-in-the-moment is often stressful and painful, and I went through with it because I knew I wanted to, even if it didn’t feel that way, because feelings are not trustworthy. Anticipation has always just been stressful.

Today, I woke up knowing He would be arriving, and at first the excitement carried through. Then I was impatient. I wrote — I wrote a lot —   and still He didn’t arrive. I was watching everyone walk by the house. Then the delivery van pulled up, and I wasn’t excited anymore.

It’s funny, being nervous without being super-stressed out. Being nervous without being overwhelmed. I unwrapped Him, and wiped Him off. I lit incense, and set Him upon the shrine. I’d cleaned off  the Durga  and Vishnu-without-Poseidon and Lakshmi shrine, and offered Them incense too. Drinks were offered (iced tea, accepted with graciousness and tolerance) and here we are.

Things are going to be interesting, going forward.


9 thoughts on “Ta-da!!

  1. What a beautiful shrine! 🙂 I hope your connections with Poseidon and Vishnu flourish. From my experience Vishnu is extroverted, charming, flirtatious, and sort of…brightens me up with teasing, flirty comments when I’m in a depressed state or just generally down. His bubbly, extroverted nature is also a nice infusion when I’m feeling withdrawn from society. It’s like having the King of Wands around all the time or something. 🙂

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