It’s coming.

I haven’t forgotten.

The weight is beginning to settle around me.

Time to prepare.

They’ll run.

They’ll die.

He’ll be with them, every step of the way.

We will witness.

We will see.

We will mourn.

Maybe it’s foolish, to try to plan things. I keep trying to plan things, and surprises come out of left field. I already begin to suspect what this year’s ordeal will be — but then, what do I know? How can I know, really?

July will be CampNano. I have two writing projects under way, not counting the various editing read-throughs I’m doing. The Vigil runs the 6th through the 14th, and I still don’t yet know if fasting is going to happen, though I think likely. We’ll see.

I can’t say I’m looking forward to this, exactly, yet I also do. I am grateful for the experience, and I value being horrified and being in that place of grieving with Him, even if I can’t possibly know what His grief is like, from within.




8 thoughts on “It’s coming.

    • You can! It’s an observance (not really a festival, it’s not *festive*) I started a number of years ago now to honor Poseidon Taureos. I write a bit about it Essentially: it’s a week in July that I have synched up with Pamplona’s San Fermin Festival, which is also the site of the most famous “running of bulls”. I do a number of things, and not always all the same things every year, but there is generally a vigil during the run times, prayers given, energy sent, fasting, etc. I’ve honored other Powers during this time — one year it was a whole host of Powers — and I mark the end with a small funerary service to honor the fallen. I’ll be writing about it again, and I’m releasing a booklet about it, after this year’s observance, kicking off what I hope will be a year-long writing project centered around sharing the holy days I mark with Him.

  1. I will see in what way I could partake in this important Vigil. I am horrorified at the needless torture of innocent animals. Like you, I see animal sacrifice as an integral part of devotion, but the events in Pamplona showcase the dark, primitive nature of man and the waste and destruction of so many lives. This is a great idea, and I will see how I can partake in it.

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