When Worlds Collide on Kindle


From the blurb:

Hest just wants a break. With Yule finally over, and his responsibility to his family along with it, he’s looking forward to a well-earned rest – and he wants that rest far, far away from his siblings. Perhaps stopping by the city his mother calls home isn’t the best idea, but meeting her charming neighbor is definitely a high point.

Too bad she has to witness his mother throwing a man from an eighth-story window. . .

Meliah likes her quiet life, her boring job, her daily routine. One drink to celebrate her first vacation away from her mess of a family was all she wants; is that too much to ask? Instead, her entire world is turned upside down when a stranger pulls her from danger only to plunge her deep into family troubles that put her own to shame. She should be running in terror from him and his impossible siblings, so why can’t stop thinking about him?

When Worlds Collide is the first novella in a series that challenges assumptions, explores the way relationships are formed, and celebrates the power of love. If you enjoy gods-as-characters, first contact stories, and Loki, you might just enjoy this story.

Also, it’s only 0.99!


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