Secret Project: the Big Reveal!

You all need to order a ton of these dolls, because I want an ARMY of these adorable things in my house, stat.

Wytch of the North

I’m so excited to finally be sharing this with you!

Some of you who have been hanging around my blog for a few years now might remember when I was selling deity and spirit dolls in my very first Etsy shop. These were very simple cloth dolls with no faces but with fairly elaborate costumes, and people loved them for much the same reason I did: they offered a tangible link with a beloved deity or spirit–not just a statue to be placed on an altar, but something you could pick up and hug.

I eventually had to stop making those dolls because I was still working full time (often more than full time) back then, and they were very labor-intensive and fiddly. So I moved on to jewelry, spinning, and other crafts.

But since then, I’ve been learning about the importance of dolls and other interactive deity figures in Hinduism and…

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