Okay, look. I lied. Also, Camp NaNoWriMo!

In my last post, I mentioned that I’d be offering a stand-alone story for June’s installment. I like the idea of stand alone stories to allow you, my supporters, a chance to be free of prolonged suspense, to allow you a chance of a smaller time commitment, and also, to remind myself that that I can, indeed, writer even shorter fiction. There’s something extremely satisfying about starting and finishing a story quickly.

I love the story I’ve started — it’s actually a story I’ve wanted to write for a while, and I made good progress on it. And then we had house  guests and I couldn’t write for a week, and it was okay, because I’d planned for that, and I was still going to meet all my deadlines, even while working over time at the day job, and it was going to be fine.

Except, while I waited to get back to that story, Mundi (who is not a huge fan of that nickname) and Fen both became eager for me to finish their story. And, really, I’m not a hard sell, because it’s a more exciting story, with more chances for my favorite themes: first contact and finding home. It centers around gods I love and spirits I adore, even if they’re fictionalized. Part of learning how I am as a writer has been learning to go with the story that is the most interesting to me at any particular time — and it’s this one.

So, June’s installment will pick up where May’s installment left off, sort of. We leave Hest and Meliah behind, to follow Jormungandr. Furious beyond reason at the attack on his brother, unable to vent his frustration on his enemy, and banished from his brother’s side, Jormungandr is confined to Midgard until Loki decides otherwise. He seeks aid from a woman who just about runs him down with her car, and discovers a secret Tyr has managed to keep hidden from them all.

Sophie doesn’t know what to make of the man who fell in front of her car from out of thin air, and she certainly does not like the look of him. Bloodied, and battered, and foreboding, there’s something about him that encourages her to trust him. Or maybe she just needs a distraction from the increasing isolation she’s feeling as her family life implodes around her.
This is the first time I’ve done a series via the subscription plan. My plan is always to eventually release the stories, like I did with Igraine’s Flight (only with an editor seeing it first, yikes) but I’m not there with When Worlds Collide yet. So! If you’re interested in opting in, but you didn’t opt in for the first story, contact me (jolenedawe@gmail.com)  and something can be arranged. In fact, if you’re interested in any of my published work, please contact me, and something can be arranged. Seriously. Word of mouth. It matters.

In other, related news: Camp NaNoWriMo is happening in July, and I am signed up! My word count goal is 25k, though unofficially I’m really aiming for 30k. July seems more friendly to challenges than November does, so I’m curious to see how it goes.






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