When Worlds Collide Final Installment, and info about the new story.

The last section of When Worlds Collide is in the hands of my editor, and will be coming back for final fixes today. *rubs hands gleefully*. I’m super excited about this novella, and I’m grateful for all the positive feedback I’ve been getting.

There will be two other stories in this series, and the first installment in the second will be going out in July. I’m taking a break to bang out a stand alone short that will not get out of my head any other way. The new story is currently without a title, alas, but I’m a quarter of the way into it after just two days, and loving it so very much. She’s a swamp  witch, you see, and something of an outcast, so it’s not very surprising that she winds up with a greenman for a husband. What happens when he gets a yearning to explore his roots, when he decides to seek out family he doesn’t even know? Will she still have a place at his side? Will they accept her, human as she is? Will they even accept him?

In July I’ll be returning to Loki’s children, and we’ll take a look to see how Mundi is dealing with this chaos his brother brings to their lives . . .

If you’re interesting in getting the previous four installments, please contact me at jolenedawe at gmail dot com. Each installment is $10. For more information, please see my subscription page. You can also opt in via paypal, on the button in my sidebar.


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