So, I did not intend to drop off the face of the planet for a whole month like that. Sorry!

Trip back east went very well — got pictures to share at some point when I have time to sit down and do so. We’ve got houseguests coming in a few days, and have been getting the house company-ready. Beth and I are neither all that house-make-y; we’d much rather be working on our projects, and the end result has been that our home has looked more or less half-moved in since we moved in. We finally decided to buy a futon, and spent half a day assembling it, marking the very last time we’ll assemble furniture without a screw driver bit for her Dremmel. We also spent most of the time laughing, instead of fighting, thanks to Jolene being happily medicated, so that was a nice change. (Laughing, bitching, and making immature jokes over our noises of exertion. Yeah. We’re 12. What?)


Corbie was helpful beyond measure. And he only got more helpful after this photo was taken. It was super exciting.He paced around us the whole time. The whole time. He was super knackered the next day.

So, busy around the house, working over time at the job, and getting the WIP wrapped up — I haven’t been online much at all. That’ll go back to normal once May is over with, but likely not before than.

Hope everyone is doing well!


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