Tea for Durga!


During my morning devotionals a few weeks back, Durga opined that She’d also like some tea, thank you, but tea of Her own, not to share, would be appreciated. I commissioned a tea made for Her from Mia over at The Forest Witch, and she came up with this blend for Durga. It is beautiful, and it smells amazing. I haven’t had any yet, because it’s primarily for Durga (and I’m a bit meh about green tea myself)

Beth has an appointment today, and I found myself with the house to myself*, so I decided I would have a somewhat fancier offering-giving bit at the shrine (read: would see how I felt about incorporating bells into my worship). I am awkward and stumbling in the face of more formal ritual in my own home with People I don’t know super well ,but Who are kind and generous and sweet.

Spoken praise, incense, tea, and gratitude.


There’s a scarf that She’s expressed appreciation for, at one of our local stores. Once there’s money for it, I’ll be bringing it home for a new shrine cover.

Durga is kind. Truly. The bell ringing was quite nice, though there is a feeling of attention being redirected that was a bit unexpected and powerful. Her shrine is lower down than Poseidon’s, so it requires kneeling at, and I rather like that. Juggling the offerings and the bell was interesting, and I may need to figure out something else when presenting  more than one item at a time, because  I can’t exactly set them down on the floor  to wait.  There  is a need to choreograph that I am beginning to appreciate. She is kind, and patient, and accommodating.


*one is never really alone in our house.


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