So, there’s this local shrine?

No, no. There is. That’s not a question. There are, from what I can tell, a small number  Hindu groups is my immediate area (though possibly with overlap?). The first is a satellite site of a larger group, and the other one that I’ve found is a connected shrine, the Sri Mookambika-Mahadeva Shrine. The shrine is set up in the backyard of some devotees, and it’s all fancy and pretty and impressive looking, and the daily devotions are taken care of by volunteers.

They have a FB page, and I’ve started stalking them. It’s, alas, not  a very active FB page. (and this is my problem with all the groups I’ve found thus far: a lack of web presence that would be helpful to socially anxious introverts. For shame! 😉 ) That the central deities of this shrine are Mookambika (a goddess, from what I can tell — the story I found call her the goddess of speech — which is part of how She defeated Mookasura) and Mahadeva ( which, according to the story, would render Him Shiva)  and, too, Ganesha (because, Ganesha!) . . . and I want to visit it. I want to visit so badly. In the way that makes me want to cry and hide and be ill.

I found photos online, of past festivals, and the group  of worshipers is small, far too small of a crowd to hide in, and worse, I recognize like half of the people as customers at my day job, so hiding cannot happen.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this, exactly.

Except, I know already that I want to host a public shrine for Poseidon. Have wanted to for ages. Need to stop pretending I don’t.

And now, more tea.


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