Devotions began again!

Feeling like death warmed over has finally abated enough that I don’t feel gross sitting at the shrine. Not that Poseidon cares, except for the whole being upright has been a swaying, surreal sort of experience, and healing is better served in bed, but Durga was very much of the “not visiting again until you are well,” which was both stern and sweet at the same time.

At some point, and soon, I’m going to incorporate actual prayers, I think. I keep considering traditional prayers, and I keep feeling not quite right about that. So, I may just off the cuff it, and I may just recite English versions of traditional prayers, I don’t know. It’s not yet. I’m still getting myself into a place of being comfortable with this development. (I’m comfortable and also not. I’m comfortable because She is gracious and kind, but I’m a bit not, because Her presence is still so new) So, at some point, and soon, but not yet.

I feel better, so much better, for having had my devotions again this morning. Wee!


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