Full thoughts: I can haz them.

(They just take me a few days to complete)

What I meant to say, in my post yesterday, was: when  it comes to ritual purity, to the concept of miasma, I always balk, and for the reasons I mentioned. It hadn’t really occured to me before now that, the reasons for not going to the shrine, the reasons for not approaching Them,  might possibly be about going easy on ourselves, and that maybe the Gods know we’re, you know, mortal creatures. Giving birth, grieving a life lost, being ill, menstruating . . . It’s really only in our gogogogoGO produceworkdothethings lifestyle that we try to have these things not take time. Our world tells us these things shouldn’t stop our living. What kind of sick time to you get from your job? How much time to do you get to bury a loved one? I suspect that the Powers value us more than we truly value ourselves.

Anyway. So I never not approach Poseidon — I don’t even need a shrine for that. He’s my first though in the morning, and even before my eyes are open I’m reaching for Him . . . but what I have with Him is not what I have with Anyone else, and aside from Him and Odin, this is the first time I’ve been physically not okay since I’ve began morning devotion to Durga, and Her gentle rebuff-that-wasn’t-really-a-rebuff had me visiting the idea of ritual purity in terms of illness and staying away — not because I’m unworthy or unclean in a judgy-merit-worth sense, but in a ‘it’s not time right now’ sense. And it was neat.

You’d think I’d know better. I hope I never know better about all these things; I love discovering what I didn’t know.


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