Thrifting score!

(Why, yes, this is just an excuse to share photos. Why do you ask?)


Yesterday was rough, and I was feeling . . . grateful, I suppose? The whole ordeal was made less rough both because Beth is amazing, but also because Durga.  I cannot be expected to explain it at this point, because words are incredibly hard these days (which is so frustrating!!), but the result was that, even though it had been put forth that the tea cup could wait, I wanted to find something for her. and so I did. Is it perfect? No, but it’s delicate and lovely, and it was acceptable, and so there it is.


Just a little saucer, bigger than the other one, to set the incense burner on, to protect the cloth. The design was pretty. I wish they’d had cups to match.



The shrine, with incense holder and the incense holder holder, and the tea cup. She has expressed that tea we already have is acceptable, until I can get my hands on tea that is for Her, specifically. We are short on space, so the tea cup will live on the shrine for now, even when not in use, because it’s always Hers, and that keeps it safe and set aside, for her. That feels both like the right thing to do and at the same time not the ideal.

Totally unexpected, but completely came home with me. The stamp on the bottom says it’s from Greece. It’s on His shrine, currently, though I don’t know what use it’s going to have. Liquid offerings just for Him, to pour out all ritualistic like? Lustral water holding for daily hand cleansing? I don’t know. Doesn’t matter. It was too pretty to leave there.



5 thoughts on “Thrifting score!

    • Hi! I’m not sure that I’d call myself a devotee . . . though I’m also not sure that I wouldn’t. ;-p This relationship is all very new to me.

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