Take A Walk With Me 2

One of the tools I’m using to help me deal with anxiety, is walking. Specifically walking to the river once a week, but walking in general. Walking in general is a much loved way of getting  my body moving and my mind distracted and my breathing meditative. When I was a little girl, I would go on rambles with Gippy*, which almost always involved walking on a wall and venturing to one of the many bodies of water  in the town where I grew up. The destination never mattered so much (okay, it mattered when we were venturing to either the little store, or the store on the hill [basically, corner stores, but neither were on a corner, and so, the little store, or the store on the hill] because that usually meant a Hoodsy cup, but I digress); what mattered most was spending time with Gippy and getting to go animal watch. Gippy was a walker. He walked everywhere — once, notably, to a ball game in Worcester, which I think wound up being a 40 mile walk, round trip hahahahaa, my bad.  If he walked the way Google Maps suggested, it would be 80 miles round trip. I hope he got a ride home that day or stayed over somewhere. He was serious about his ball games. So, a ramble around the ‘hood with his granddaughter was no big deal for him.

(This from the man who balked at using a cane at 91 because canes were ‘for old people!’)

I love walking. I love taking walks. They calm me, they soothe me, and since his passing, they’ve become a way to honor his touch upon my life, and a way to touch in with him from time to time. Turning to walks to help deal with the anxiety is not a new thing. I’ve done three, so far, and I’m really going to try to not miss a week, even if the weather is awful and I opt to take a bus part of the way.

Today is blustery and grey, and it’s rained a bit, so the river level is up, and the water is running faster than last week.


I’m not sure on the species of fowl, but they kept coming downriver backwards — until they came into view of my camera, and then the brats turned around. Which is just as well, because it’s not like you can see anything more than their heads at this point. Am pretty sure that these are Lesser scaup ducks.


There are rocks under those rough patches. In the dry season, they’re almost entirely uncovered, especially lately.


The sun came out for a minute.


Yeah, I’ve got a thing for the magnolia trees currently. Look at those flowers.

All in all, a good walk. Got in some Work, spent some time listening to the water and the gulls and the geese and the ducks and the squirrels. Tolerated two metal detecting folks out looking for stuff. The snow geese were awesome to watch, they were such busy-bodies, and chased away other birds seemingly randomly. Spent time talking with Poseidon, and with Durga, and have project ideas lined up. On the way home I scored an incense holder that will be perfect for Their shrine, with four places of sticks. All I need in a small saucer to catch the ash, and then to move on to tea and tea cup.

And it didn’t even rain on me. Woohoo!


*my maternal grandfather.


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