Polytheist Isn’t Greek for “Reactionary”

The timing of this is beautiful, for me. It weighs on my mind, the way polytheists are with each other, and with other pagans, and with other religions. This is a justly deserved critique. We need to be better than this. We are in a global world. Hospitality needs to extend beyond those we agree with or personally like, or polytheism as an accessible, visible option in the world is doomed to fail.

*edited for clarity*

The Lefthander's Path

We are the Queens and Kings of the Polytheists- a word we act like we invented and have redefined for our purposes

Those silly Pagans only wanted to play- But rest assured, we’re here to Do the Work!

Surely those impious Humanists will soon be struck down by Zeus,

Who needs rights or human dignity? I’m a God-slave!

Born to serve a Higher Purpose, above those mere mortal fools!

Their hubris is not my own.

Silly feminists, getting upset over rapes in myths. Go back to college and take my class if you’re *really* serious!

We must smash the Monotheist Borg! So come join the Polytheist one instead!

Smash capitalism! I already have my Properly Spiritual artsy/academic/activist career. Have you given in to mainstream corporate fear? I’m a full-time mystic in the woods looking down at your plebeian ways. Care for an oracle reading? I’m only a vessel for the…

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7 thoughts on “Polytheist Isn’t Greek for “Reactionary”

    • It’s an older post; I’m not sure why/how it’s coming to my attention now, but I don’t hate that it did, either way.

  1. It depresses me that I feel like I can’t say I’m a polytheist anymore, because it leads to misunderstandings that I am like this.

    • Which is exactly why I will *not* stop calling myself a polytheist. There’s nothing else that fits, and I’ll be damned if anyone is going to take that from me. But it’s also why I try to write and share how I am, as a polytheist, and hopefully others see that and see that we’re not all trying to micro-manage how everyone else who identifies as a polytheist even *thinks* about polytheism.

      • I have considered doing exactly the same thing, but my primary tradition is Feri anyway, and I’m really not into having the ‘well, you’re a monotheist anyway’ argument five times a day due to willful misunderstanding of Feri teachings about God Hirself.

        I am very glad that you feel able to do so though and will gladly cheerlead from the sidelines. 🙂

        • ❤ Thank you. The cheering *does* help.

          I've considered time to time to dropping the term, especially as I'm experiencing Feri-curiosity at the moment, and witch works for me too, but — whatever else I am, when it comes to Poseidon, I'm a devotional polytheist. Nothing else fits as well.

          I really wish we'd stop using 'monotheist' as if it's a bad thing to be, and I really wish we'd stop using Christianity and the Church(es) as a blueprint — albeit in negative — of how to be, in community.

          But that's a rant for another day.

          • Come to the fey side, we have delicious liminality and all the paradox you can eat! :p

            Yeah, I’ve got devotional polytheist tendencies too. But.. That’s because it works as a way to practice and helps me cultivate a relationship with my Beloveds. It’s a choice. It’s not an -automatic consequence- of being a polytheist. See also: reconstructionism.

            And yeah, I share that frustration. One day, paganism and polytheism will be out of the terrible teens and we can move on from alternately trying to be Catholicism Light or rejecting everything monotheistic faiths stand for by turns. I just hope I live to see it.

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