Celebrating Pagan Fiction video series launch!

This is by no means a fancy video — I don’t know that I’m ever going to do fancy videos. It is, though, the first in what will hopefully be an awesome series featuring pagan-friendly fiction written by pagans.

First up: Jennifer Lawrence’s Fire on the Mountain.

(now I just need to figure out how to showcase e-books, since my e-reader device and my video recording device are the same. Fancy video editing may have to happen after all.)

Future videos already planned: Beth Wodandis, C.S. MacCath, Juli D. Revezzo, yes this is an excuse to finally get Deborah Blake’s books. Any suggestions are welcome!


7 thoughts on “Celebrating Pagan Fiction video series launch!

        • oh! I’ve read the first in that, because it was quasi-local. Is S.M. Stirling a confirmed pagan? (like it’s this risque thing to be!)

          • Hehe, in some parts, I’m sure it still is. But I don’t think so?? At least from some interviews and such that I’ve heard/read. I know he consulted a Georgian Wiccan (I believe Georgian) for all the pagan stuff.

            I’m still not through them all, I went through a bunch of them all at once, and apparently my mind needed a break, lol.

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