Worshiping with Poseidon

A seemingly natural outgrowth of being mindful of Those who are important to Him is that w/We worship together.

This started early in o/Our relationship, though it wouldn’t be until Hekate entered my awareness that I realized what was going on, and even then it would be years before I could put name to it.

The first pendant that I wore in recognition of Poseidon in my life was a little silver and black-enamel cresent moon. I wore it in part because the moon  reminded me of Him, because I’d met Him under a full moon, but I wore it also largely because He deemed it appropriate.

The moon marks my months. How’s that for a d’uh statement? But even before I tried to adopt Hellenic month-keeping, even before I was using the moon to mark which sort of energy work I’d be doing, the moon was a huge factor in my religious life. I don’t know if it was because that was witchy-seeming, when I was a wee pagan, and I liked the romance of it. I don’t know if it was because being outside at night was soothing, and better than being in the house. I don’t know if it was because night time is quiet and calm and just more comfortable for me. I do know that Mama Earth and Gramma Moon were the first two Big Power feeling beings I interacted with.

Intellectually, it’s no stretch  to see why the moon might have importance to the seas, and so it’s not a far jump to the romantic language to say that moon may be important to Poseidon for Reasons. He named this Power Selene, and He did not request I worship Her, but He did request I be aware of Her.

Hekate was the first Power w/We began worshiping t/Together, and if that’s not unnerving, I don’t know what is. In the last month, I’ve been hit with the realization that, if She is so important to Him (and She is) and She has the connections to witchcraft that She does (and She does) then why the hell am I surprised to have Him be all, “Hey, let’s make magic together.”?  Really, Jo? I mean, really?

I mark the dark moon with Him, for Her. It’s never elaborate. Sometimes there are offerings outside, usually not. A prayer, often silent, in the dark, and a sort of basking in Her presence. I get the sense of young Poseidon at Her feet, soaking up Her teachings. A pale, human way of expressing how the feeling seems to me. She matters to Him, deeply, and I come back now and again to wanting to have a small shrine space set up for Her, but He never presses. I have a spot for Rhea, and while She also matters to Him (there’s this nice, confusing overlap between She and Gaia and Hekate and Selene that I don’t bother to try to unravel, because I don’t feel its important to unravel. I don’t know that the Mysteries are there for us to understand and explain. Experience, yes. Pin down in language? Not so much) I’m not driven to worship Her in any regular way, the way I am with Hekate.

As I dealt with my discomfort regarding the inclusion of a Hindu-deity-focused shrine space, part of my struggle has been that I feel pressed to have this space, and I never felt pressed, this pressed to make a space for these Powers that matter to Him. Except, these Powers also apparently matter to Him. It’s not all Him — Vishnu, yes, but Durga. Oh, Durga. Durga reached out to me, by way of Her mask, and I was smitten. There may have been tears in the middle of the thrift store, as I looked around surreptitiously. How did they not know what they had sitting on the shelf amidst all the Christian brick-a-brack? I thought at first I’d be gifting this — in fact there was a decent amount of back and forth with a friend over it — but it would be super expensive to ship (mask is heavy!) and I just . . . wanted an excuse to keep it. So I did, and She continued to reach out to me.

There is a sense of utter welcome, like a door thrown open and I’m ushered in. It is not my home, but it feels very much like when I’d visit my grandparents. Not my home, and maybe slightly better manners than I’d have in my own home, but also please feel free to sit a while and just rest, and here’s the bed if you need a nap, just rest, rest, and don’t worry about anything. She simultaneously brought Vishnu back into my awareness (I’d been doing nothing but knowing that Poseidon said there was a connection for months at that point) and also shooed the importance of that awareness away. “Don’t let Them bully you or make you feel overwhelmed. Here, have this tea, sit with Me, They’ll keep.” I feel bundled up, hidden by a shawl, tucked in close, cared for. She feels more like the being I knew as Mama Earth than any of the Others that He’s brought into my life, and that’s interesting-making.

Getting back to a point of being less overwhelmed by all this has meant getting myself to a place of remembering that Their shrine space is not intended to be a Hindu shrine for Them. Poseidon reminded me that w/We are playing host, that w/We have invited Them in, and w/We would like Their company, but w/We’re not setting up a space to be Their home so much as w/We setting up space for Them to be welcomed at. It’s sort of an open door policy, come over whenever you feel like it and know that you’re on my mind and in my thoughts. This re-focusing of intent has made a huge difference is the expectations I have of myself, and of what it means to play hostess. He wants Them to be part of o/Our experiences together, and thus, the shrine. So it’s become a lot more relaxed, and a lot more from the heart, and a lot less dire-seeming.

And I’m focused more on Durga study and interaction than I am on Vishnu right now, and He seems just fine with that.  He is with me during  my morning offerings, and the feeling of approaching Their shrine t/Together is a bit unnerving, but also absolutely astounding and a tad beyond words. You’d think, with Hekate’s Deipnon, I’d be used to it by now, but a world of nope.



6 thoughts on “Worshiping with Poseidon

  1. I first knew of Hecate when I was a baby pagan, but other than a couple of times when a Priest or Priestess aspected Her, there was no interaction that I know of. but in the last decade when I became involved with Hermes as my patron Deity, and started a dark of the moon ritual for Hermes and Hecate, which is my one ritual other than daily practice, I have felt Her presence more and more strongly. I have a lovely invocation that is a bit of a mashup but works very well and the talisman from Beth that is awesome. I am drawn to wear that talisman when things are dicey and I am insecure or afraid. Speaking of Beth’s talisman jewelry its value to me is more than if they were all made of solid gold and diamonds. You can tell her I said so. 🙂

    As always your shares teach and delight me. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I never know what to say to them.

      I’m not entirely surprised to read that your awareness of Her has grown, with that sort of interaction. With me, with Her, it’s very much through-Poseidon — _he and I have very little personal interaction, and it’s very much a feeling of doing this with Him as a matter of course, as though it’s Her just due. Though those are pale, human concepts to try to sum up the feeling.

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us. Hestia and Hecate have both given me the green light, in that I’m ready to to accept Poseidon into my life now. Reading your experience with Him over the last several months has help in figuring things out. Now that I’m allowed to honor Him, I’m just filled with such a sense of love and calm from all three.

    • This is a super awesome comment to receive; thank you! (and yay Poseidon! And Hekate and Hestia, too, but, you know, YAY POSEIDON!) *ahem*

  3. So much feels ❤
    I think you and I tend to react in the same ways to things, it would seem, and it's always interesting and reflecting-making when I read about how you deal and feel about things like this. Love, love, love!

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