Yesterday was an 11 hour work day, after which I had to walk half the way home. So that was fun. The moon is nearly full, and  I was able to spend some time both story plotting (though it seemed like bilocation *and* getting to peek at what others were doing), and in communion with Poseidon. The moonlight in winter seems almost tactile against my skin. It was beautiful. I was reminded that we met under a full moon. I was reminded of the importance of Hekate to Him, and I was reminded of the Charge of the Goddess, and I have to tell you, these things are taking on additional meanings lately.

Possibly more thrilling than that — I walked home at prime cat meeting time. I made five new friends in under two miles.

This morning I’m tired, and my feet hurt, and I want to crawl into my mug of tea and stay there. Instead I’m going in early again, and it’s another long day (likely 11 hours or just under) and it’ll be great! Or something. Something.

Taxes still need to be filed. My weekend can’t come fast enough. The goal for taking back my time off so I’m not living weekend to weekend? Not happening this week.

But today I’ll carry with me the memory of moonlight, Poseidon, and cats well-met.


3 thoughts on “nnnghhhnn

  1. what a lovely post, I could see you walking in the moonlight with cats coming to say hello. I had the same kind of killer work days all last week and it took me a full day yesterday to recover. But the evening was full of magical energy and the knowledge of being loved by the Holy Powers.

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